do you ever get catty stares when carrying your Gucci

  1. Some women stare very HARD. And I wondering whats so interesting, its gotta be the bag?? I dunno, maybe its just me, but I think its very strange. I dont stare at anyone, nor do I have the desire to.
  2. ive seen some older ladies stare me down like how dare you have a gucci bag..and i dont understand it!!! Ive also seen a lot of people stare at my bag trying to see if its real...haha its like HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stop it god damit! i hate fakes and i would never even THINK about carrying one!! damn it! so stoppppp staring!
  3. maybe they just like your bag and are admiring it?
  4. I have never noticed anyone staring but maybe that is because I live in Los Angeles
  5. I don't really notice unless it's very obvious.

  6. I just ignore them.. once in a while, someone will compliment me on it.
  7. ^^^same goes for me. I carry mine but it's just plain leather so I don't think people normally notice it.
  8. Not on the Guccis...sometimes I get stares for certain LVs but I maybe all the Guccis i have are the plain classic ones.
  9. I definitely notice people staring, like they're trying to figure out if my bag is real or fake. I have a funny story actually - I am an avid coupon clipper and when I was at Ralph's and using all my coupons, this older woman said in Chinese to her daughter: "Look at her bag, why is she using coupons? It must be fake." Since I could understand what she was saying, I turned around and said: "Because I like to save money! And my bag is real, thanks." :supacool:

  10. People's logic is so effing screwed up!! What a dumbarse. Ive had people make similar comments, because I wont buy sneakers unless they're on clearance at TJ Maxx. lol

    Hahaha, you showed her.

    I dunno, I guess Im crying wolf here. Staring comes with the territory, if you're gonna tote designer bag you just have to deal with it. Today at a restaurant, a girl at the next table asked me where I got my bag from. I thought that was a dumb question, being there's only a handful of places you can buy Gucci. I told her Neiman Marcus, then she mumbled something like "I need to get to Neiman Marcus", LOL. And then she stared at me for the duration of the meal. :roflmfao:
  11. I clip coupons too, such as $1 off for Q subs (I signed up for their email specials). What's wrong with saving on other things and use those savings to buy real Gucci?

    I started staring at people's purses, espcially Gucci ones since I am hooked. Pardon me if I did that to any of you...:drool:
  12. I caught my self staring at this one girls balenciaga bag this past weekend. It is not often I see real designer handbags.
  13. I don't own any Gucci yet... but I do get lots of stares when I wear my LV bags. I guess people are either admiring the bags, or trying to determine if it's authentic. I look at other people's bags too, out of admiration. Sometimes someone wears the bag which I'm thinking of getting next, and I do admire it quite a bit. But not the intense, I'm-about-to-pounce-on-your-bag glare. That's too creepy.
  14. happens alot to me, not so much with gucci but tons with chanel. its fine for a few seconds but I noticed they are totally staring me down I feel extremely uncomfortable.
  15. I find myself checking out other people's bags too. Oops! LOL. I looove looking at bags. I guess that is why I am here. :wlae:

    People are always looking at my bags and I do the say as you all too. I have coupons and I am a tightwad that is why I can buy Gucci. :yes: