Do you ever get butterflies debuting a new bag

  1. You know, butterflies when you carry it for the first time?:roflmfao:
  2. Sure did when the H came out for its debut!! :wtf:

  3. :roflmfao: you're so silly.
  4. I got "excited butterflies" carrying around my new Pradas all the time. Then they turn into "worried butterflies" b/c I'm afraid I'm going to get something on it! :hrmm:
  5. the fun thing about buying a new bag is the period of anticipation before the actual purchase.
    and then the process of purchase in the shop when you are served by nice sales assistants. and then they will wrap the bag nicely for you.
    and the carrying of the bag in the paper bag home.
    and then the unwrapping of the packaging of the bag.
    and admiring the nice smooth leather.
    and then carrying it out for the first time.

    all these makes for an experience which we all love - thats why we women go back again and again to buy handbags. ;)

  6. Omg, yeah thats so true. :roflmfao: all those things are pretty exciting!
  7. I do get butterflies when carrying it for the first time. There were a couple of bags that I actually carried out of the store. That happened with my first birkin.

    Kopibaby, I totally feel you on what you said.
  8. nathangirl,
    you actually carried the birkin out of the store on the day you bought it?? thats cute! :smile:

    yeah - the whole high of a new bag purchase. its as addictive as heroin. (not that i have tried heroin before ;))

  9. I wear clothes outta the store all the time, but Ive never done it with a bag! Its fun to do that though. :yes:
  10. Actually, I feel really good walking out and carrying the paper carrier with the new bag purchase in it heehee.....
    I love the Miu Miu carrier in Dusty Pink!
  11. I feel that way! I love to give my new bags a "coming out" party, at least at a restaurant or a show!
  12. I so remember I did actually for my first bag!!That butterfly feeling in the tummy...oooo, so silly yet so exciting, all sorts of buzz tingling all over the body, even on my knees,..sorry, I think mine was pretty hard to forget! :love:
    It's okay now with new finds and coming to a conclusion on whether to buy them these days, haha.
  13. Interesting to think about, l2t. It happens more often with me if I've been saving a bag (usually for no good reason) for awhile after buying it. Then I feel a bit nervous--will I find this as good as I thought it would be? If I use a bag right away, I don't get the butterflies.