Do you ever get any flack for your purchases?

  1. I do! hehe Mostly from my mom and concerned friends for buying expensive bags. How do you guys deal with people who don't approve of your bag obsession?
    I usually say it's none of your business and it's my money and I enjoy some luxuries because I deserve it!:P
    Share your stories!
  2. My parents give me a hard time as well. They are always "well put your son in daycare". My thought is why would I do that when I'm at home..there is no reason to spend $200.00 weekly for a parttime child care when it's not necessary. Then there is the, "you spent $300.00 on a bag, you could have put that in a savings account so you could move". It's like "Hello have you seen the price of living around here $300,000 +, there is no way I can afford that with my salary as it is."
    My dad is my boss he could easily change my salary if he wanted me out so badly. The company isn't struggling by no means at all, they can afford paying me alittle more..he's just a tight a**. I only get a bag maybe every 3 months & it's no more than $300.00 & the most recent ones have been from the outlet for no more than $120.00. They just need to back off & give me a just letting out alittle frustration.
  3. My parents aren't phased by COACH after my requests for LV and Balenciaga :lol:. It's funny - my mother is completely anti-designer, but she prefers my COACH bags to all my others - possibly because they're the cheapest :lol:
  4. Yup! But I love my bags and I think I deserve them ;). My mom asks but I refuse to tell her, even though it would be pretty easy to just go to the website and figure it out ......

    My sis asked me recently how much I paid for my lastest purchase and I told her "$5, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!"
  5. My mom and aunt are great...they say I'm young and can afford it and I should enjoy my money (and purses!).

    What used to drive me crazy is some of the women I work with. Both my best friends are also big purse gals like me...(they like LV and Hermes in addition to Coach). And when the OTHER girls we work with see our bags I hear snide comments about how we must be making more money than they are because they could never afford to buy our bags. And in actuality...some of them have would make MORE than we do...and have dual incomes so have more disposable cash than we do. They just choose to spend their money in a different way...and it bugs me that they ***** (behind our backs) for how we choose to spend OUR money.
  6. My parents are pretty understanding. They say that since I'm young I should enjoy spending my money on whatever I want-as long I save some money for college.
  7. Sounds like you and I could write a book on this topic. The only people I get grief from are my coworkers. My mom and grandma are well aware of my fondness of purses and they are great. My grandma loved purses in her younger days and so she thinks that it’s neat that the trait was passed on to me. My mom likes it because she gets nicer purses because of it.

    On the flip side, the coworkers are horrible!

    “Did you get another new purse?”
    “Did you go shopping again?”
    “How can you afford to buy so much stuff?”
    “Do you have a shopping addiction?”

    We all make our own choices. I chose to not have children which allows me extra money to buy things that my coworkers with children cannot afford. They are paying for school tuition, school supplies and clothes, and daycare. I chose to live in a modest home and not be house poor. Most of them are living in their second and third houses that are a financial drain. I don’t offer unsolicited advice and opinions to them so why do they think they have the right to criticize me? What I buy and how much I pay is my business and my business alone. I will say, though, that I am careful to not carry something to work that is so nice that it looks like I have a money tree in the back yard. The last thing I need is for my bosses to think I don’t need a raise.
  8. People will always have something to say! Just do whatever makes your heart go pitter patter I know I do. And the heck with everyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. You said it!!!! EXACTLY how my friends and I feel!!!! :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
  10. :yahoo: Ignore them!
  11. Mokoni, I totally agree with what your said:

    "what I buy and how much I pay is my business and my business alone. I will say, though, that I am careful to not carry something to work that is so nice that it looks like I have a money tree in the back yard. The last thing I need is for my bosses to think I don’t need a raise."

    I also worry about the bosses comments and them thinking I don't need a raise but they never take into consideration that I have a husband that works and that's where I buy things from also is not just coming from the money I make working for them. Bosses :throwup:
  12. Thankfully, most of my girlfriends at the office are pretty good about it...I couple even get excited when I get new stuff...I have my packages shipped to work and they will come and get me, "You got a package! What do you get?!?"

    My husband will get on me once in awhile....but mostly he is indulgent.
  13. Screw them. If you can justify it to yourself, that's all that matters.

    for me, I don't spend a lot on clothing, i don't go shopping that often, the only thing I really buy is bags.
  14. I get alot of flack from my family,and friends. Most of my friends arent much into "designer" things. They are happy wearing target clothing & bags,and Vans sneakers. I only have 3 friends that like designer things. I have some friends that I think get made when I get certian "designer" things that their parents couldnt afford to get them.
    I can tell when I wear a certian item that is maybe "pricey" in their opinion they give me mouth about it. My family does the same. I dont care though,all my life I have loved designer things. Once some girl told me the reason I like designer things is because I have a low self esteem???..I told her... No,I have been in love with designer things since I was younger, I used to dress up with my aunts french co speedy with huge strands of pearls,and Jackie-O sunnies since I was four! =D
  15. my mom thinks i have a problem
    and says she wishes there was doctors to treat my shopping addiction
    but shes the one that pays
    and she could just easily not?
    hahaha so if she wanted me to stop bad enough
    shed stop paying