Do you ever get a "blackening" color to the handle of your Patina????

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  1. I have two bags which I am slowly started noticing this. One is a LV sonatine that I use to go clubbing and my everyday bag the MC alma.
    I TRY TO KEEP MY HANDS CLEAN....and i dont know wether i should use water to try to get rid of these (but dont want the patina to darken even more) what can I do to get rid of it..??? Is there something I can use to prevent this?!??!?!HelP!!!
  2. It's been said here that a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (slightly dampened) will remove this. I would take my time with it and not scrub.
  3. if it's truely a BLACK color and not just dark brown patina i know a lot of ladies have had luck with mr clean magic eraser. just condition like crazy afterwards because it dries out the leather. it sounds like this would work since its on your every day bag and the bag you take out...which is dirt. :smile:
  4. Yes, I do.:sad:
  5. what do I coudition it with??
  6. lots of people use apple gaurd leather conditioner.
  7. so now water really except on the Mr.Eraser?? (would this darkened my patina?)
  8. I have a brand new speedy 30 I have worn once. All these threads about the black handles and the lock tarnishing the leather etc. I'm thinking I should sell it because I'm afraid to use it -

  9. I've had my Speedy 30 since 1997 or '98. I haven't had either problem.

    I love my Speedy. :yes:
  10. I Never Had Black ~ Just Darker Patina
  11. I agree, I have been SUPER careful with my two "new to me" Speedies. They were clean when I got them and one was BRAND NEW.

    Anyways, I have been careful not to even touch them with my bare hands. I don't even use lotion on my hands any more. I wash my hands before and when I go out, especially for this reason. I have been carrying it on the crook of my arm, usually on my sleeve.

    My husband is even too afraid to touch it because I have made such a fuss not to because I don't want it to patina or get dirty.

    Anyways, I noticed a week ago that if you look very closely, it is getting dirty. Little black dots are filling into the leather. The patina is darkening but not as fast as it is turning black. I don't understand.

    I even had one of the Speedies sprayed!!

    So, I am going to try the eraser like you guys suggested....
    hopefully that will work because I am so sad about it looking dirty!

  12. Iliabags please tell me how it turns out!!
  13. How would the patina be darkened if it's already blackening? Just use the Magic Eraser on the blackening areas to see if you can lighten it up to match the non-blackened patina. Or better, post pics of what you're talking about and maybe someone can give you more specific advice :idea: Good luck!
  14. If it gets dirty, just clean it with what the ladies have said. I love my Speedies too much to sell it just cause of the possibility the handles will get black.
  15. So,if some have the problem and some don't, it MUST have everything to do with individual care.