do you ever get a bag and feel that it's not "enough" opinions, please!

  1. in the past 2 months i've bought a bulga butterfly bag in milk chocolate, a coach legacy shoulderbag in pond and a kooba natasha in patent caramel...i sold several bags on eBay to get these and i love them all! now, however, i'm looking for a black bag...when is enough, enough? i'm obsessing about a new black bag, but, frankly if i use the ones i just bought i can wait until the new fall bags come out and get one that i any of you ever feel compulsive about buying a new bag!?!?!?!:yes:
  2. Enough is when you say it is :smile: If you feel that you need new bags and that you need a black bag, then get one!

    PS: Yes, I do feel compulsive about buying bags sometimes ;)
  3. Yes... I do this all the time, and then feel overwhelmed when I have too many choices... I'm trying to get to a point where I sell the ones that I don't use enough, or haven't used at all!!

    Honestly though, a good black leather bag is a wardrobe staple - so I wouldn't worry about obssessing over it... I think you will know when you bag collection is "enough".
  4. All the time! I have more bags than I can carry, but I always want another one!
  5. Ha ha ha! I'm in that phase right now! I'm normally not a purse/bag person at all, I just carry whatever can fit my stuff comfortably (and not clash too terribly with my clothes).

    For some reason, I've recently been stalking the dept stores/boutiques and eyeing all the the back of my mind, I'm thinking...ooh, I don't have a green purse, that would be lovely for Spring...I don't have this shape or this color or this material yet...LOL.

    That's how I ended up finding this forum...I was on the hunt and I scoured the net after the stores closed. :nuts::blush:
  6. I'm guilty of this too. I haven't used my new grey spy and i want a bottega veneta, a vernis houston, and a vernis sutton. I'm a shopaholic
  7. all the time.
    i find that i need to be "obsessed" with a bag :p
    and when i'm obsessed with a bag, i cna go high and low to get the bag. when it's in my hand, i'm looking for another obsession.
    it goes on and on and on....
  8. I'm totally guilty of this. And the funny thing is, I don't spend money on jewelry or fancy clothes. In fact, I'm pretty much in jeans, t-shirts and hoodies! But for some weird reason I FREAK and OBSESS about purses! LOL
    I think it's due to my 5th birthday (wow, I have a 27 year-long obsession going on here!), my mom bought me the coolest purse ever. I remember it was light brown like a saddlebag and had a HUGE gold clasp. I stuffed it with dirt and lady bugs and stuck little blades of grass in there like they were trees!
    I like to spend way too much money on nice purses, makeup and COFFEE! :smile:
  9. oh definetly.... I think three years ago I had about 7 bags in total. Now I buy about 1 bag a month and I rather save up for designer than buy from highstreet.
  10. I honestly wonder when enough will be enough. I am one of those people who is always saying, "After I buy X, I'll stop..."

    Yeah, that hasn't happened yet obviously. I don't think there is a good answer to this question!
  11. I have definately felt this way in the past. My appetite for fashion is never satiated--I think you should go for the black bag!
  12. I always have "the next" one in mind to anticipate and stalk. I always say that the hunt builds up to the climax: the kill/buy is the high. So like any addict I end up needing my fixes faster. Now I am trying to pace things because I have gone overboard the last few months with all the winter sales. I suggest a tantric purse philosophy! Let the anticipation slowly SLOWLY build and save money ahead of time. I'm doing my best here before I get committed.
  13. Sometimes the hunt is what we are after, not really the handbag.

    When you feel obsessed, merely stop looking at the websites, don't shop and get completely away from looking at new handbags. Go read a new book, start an exercise class, do something DIFFERENT.

    Bags are fun but they are not life, itself. They are merely objects, don't let them rule your life.
  14. I'm a compulsive window shopping lol love to look, but it has to scream and shout at me BUY ME BUY ME and attempt to follow me out of the shop for me to buy it.
  15. I'm definitely obsessive about bags.
    I identify one and literally crave it - just have to have it.Then, more often than not, as soon as I get it the interest is gone and I'm on to hunting the next one.
    The important thing is being able to rationalise the need to buy a bag. If you haven't got a black bag then it makes sense to buy one. If you've got four then it's not such a sensible idea!
    I'm about to start a total one-year bag buying ban because I know I need to get my obsession under control.