do you ever find that you are buying slight variations of what you have?

  1. I am so bad about this...I am a person that tends to buy 4 black vneck cashmere sweaters, several pairs of black knee high boots, multiple pairs of a style jean I like....
    I just noticed recently that I have been buying lots of black bags with silver hardware--mostly larger totes-- I have 6 such similar bags, 4 of which are Chanels....and I am tempted to get the baby cabas in black as well!!!
    I am going to force myself not to and will get the khaki or white (or both:s )...
    No matter what I do, please don't let me buy another black bag with silver hardware!!!!!!
  2. :lol: We are creatures of habit aren't we. If they are all different black bags I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.
  3. Yes, I so do this...
  4. macp6, how funny. I have the exact opposite problem. I keep trying to buy a black bag (because I really need one), I keep coming home with a colored version.

    I am just drawn to the colors. No matter how practical black is or how I know I will use the black more, when I see a black bag and its counterpart in red or some other nice color, I just find the colored one prettier!!!
  5. OMG, how true!! If I could only count how many bags seem VERY similar no matter how good my intentions are to "diversify my collection" while my husband pushes me to diversify my investments....LMAO....I am sort of....well, aren't I?? :roflmfao:
  6. Tods, send me good vibes!! I need that to rub off on me...I buy all neutral bags-- black, ivory or tan...that's it!! I do have one burgandy bag and one brown(which is a color to me!!)
    The khaki will really be stretching my comfort zone!!:upsidedown:
  7. Everything I own is just a slight variation of everything else.
  8. I Think I Have 20 Pairs Of Black Pants- All Almost The Same Style
    Lol And All Jeans Are The Same Color Lol
    At Least I Am Not The Only One
  9. im the same with black bags too!!!
    ive amassed black chanels, diors, paddys... my designer bag collection is so monotonous lol! and now i'm after yet another black chanel haha.
    with cheaper bags however i go crazy with the colours!
  10. I tend to go for the similar design and colors. I love black, tan and beige. But I constantly remind myself that I have tons of these, and so nowsaday, I go for Red, Green and fun colors.
  11. i am totally like this. that's why now i try to run things through my bf to see if he thinks a potential handbag purchase will really "add" to my collection.
  12. I'm like this about a couple of things. . . . it actually happened to me today:shame:
    I went to find a dark pair of slim fit jeans - NOT skinny/cigarette jens, but you know, fitted.
    I wen to Anthropologie and there's an AMAZING SA there that always fiulls a dressing room full of clothes in my size that I normally would NEVER try on and I ALWAYS leave w/ something she puts in there.
    Today it was a cute black hooded sweater w/ big contrasting buttons. . . I liked it so much I bought it in 2 colors! LOL!
    I do this A LOT w/ clothes.

    This is actually why I haven't bought the GST already, it's similar in function to my other couple of bags.
    But when I try to do something different, it tends to get returned.
    I think as we get older, we find what TRULY works and looks best on us. . . I think it's very smart!:yes:
  13. I'm the same way. All four of my black bags are Chanel with silver hardware. I also have several dark brown, 2 cognac, and 2 camel/beige colored bags. Most are the same style too. I have multiples of jeans - around 50 pairs, and buy Victorias Secret fitted sweaters in bulk. Boots are in pairs as well.

    The only time I ever stray from my style is when I am shopping with my sister. Like Swanky's s/a, my sister pulls things off a rack I would never think of wearing and they end up looking great!
  14. :P Ok, I don't feel too bad about my strange shopping habits...maybe not so strange after all! On a positive note, I am doing pretty good with not buying the same handbag in both black and beige!!
    I am currently down to only two doubles with my chanel bags--the black and beige reporter and a white and black reissue 227! I am so proud of myself for fine tuning the arc! I will also try to be tremendously disciplined and only buy one baby coco cabas. :shame:
  15. No more ark? Oh, the end of an era...

    Let's see...I have multiple pair of the same jeans...about a dozen J.Crew white ts and 1/2 dozen Petit Bateau white ts...purchased 3 of the same v-neck Prada sweaters a month or two ago (two black...yes, the same sweater...and one chocolate)...have three of the same Prada cashmere v-neck sweaters (black, charcoal, chocolate) from a couple of seasons ago...multiple pair of my favorite Theory pants and blouses...multiple colors of the same J.Crew blouse...several black jackets...several black coats...multiple pair of black boots...a second DS "got away"...I am planning for my second Birkin...a sickness...I tell you...

    But I truly agree with Swanky...I believe I have discovered the "what works" for me...I am okay with multiples...