Do you ever feel you are more of a crime target if you carry your LV ??

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  1. Just wondering....crime can happen anywhere, so I personally feel like I could be seen as more of a target for theft or purse-snatching if I am carrying a monogram vuitton !!!!
  2. I heard that theives are targeting women with expensive purses especially Asian women because the thought they will more likely carry a lot of cash. LV is more recognizable and it is well known that its an expensive brand. You just have to be careful not matter what you carry.
  3. What does being Asian have to do with it ???
    Where is this crime against asians occurring??
  4. I have definitely felt more in danger of theft when I carry a bag that is very recognizable...I'd love to take my LV traveling but am afraid to do so.
  5. Definitely. But its just so unfair that we have to be afraid to wear the things we love because of the possibility of someone taking them. I still wear my LVs and pray that nothing happens. I think its also wise to be aware of your surroundings, well, as aware as possible and not paranoid.

    But on another note, I really would not mind fighting to protect my LV if there were no guns/weapons involved...Just a random person trying to grab my LV with no weapon.....Oh no...Not happening..LOL:ninja:
  6. Yes, my bags were even attacked once! By teenage girls! Lol. It came out of it undamaged though.
  7. if I had to go to a certain area that I'm not familiar with, e.g., to accompany my niece somewhere, I don't use my LV. I'd go for my Prada shopping tote, as it's more safe to use, (no offense meant to Prada lovers) as you could hide the Prada logo.

    Oh, by the way, I was grocery shopping at Stater Brothers a few months ago and this lady had her Speedy 35 sitting on the shopping cart and she's way far from her cart. I just had to take a peek if it's the real thing and it was! It's an older LV version, but still.... you just never know...
  8. Not normally with LV, sometimes with my Hermes. But it depends on where you are, I typically don't go outside of safezones with my bags I leave them in the car. Etc.
  9. sometimes, depends on what type of bags I'm carrying. If I carry my speedy, chances are, ppl think its fake so no worries of theft there. When I carry my Motard Biker... yes, eyes are everywhere
  10. The only everyday item that I have that is really noticeable is my Mono Speedy -- Damier and Epi are much less recognizeable. In the airport, it's my Mono Keepall and I keep a close eye on that. But me being a petite woman, my e-ring, and my car also make me targets. I personally never go into neighbourhoods where they will be a lot more noticeable -- have no business there anyway. Other than that, I do keep my guard up no matter where I am. Growing up in NY does that I suppose.
  11. I only feel scared when I am in the suburbs... isn't that weird? Like I feel like more PEOPLE are paying attention to what you have, rather than people in the bigger cities.
  12. ya i feel threatened all the time!! when i go into um poorer areas? i try not carry a nice bag, I use coach or something. But when I go to downtown or nice areas I carry my lv. but I never carry cash large amount of cash, since im scared of getting jacked, the most I ever have is like 20 bucks lol.

  13. WUUT 0_0 thats ridiculous!! oh man if someone trys to jack my BAG im will knock their asses out and cuss them out i swear, i will run a mile if i have to lmao.
  14. No and if I'm in a place where I feel it might not be safe to carry LV, I carry something else or I use one of my less obvious ones (like Epi or Damier).
  15. So it's probably not wise to take your monogram LV with you to a foreign country....especially if you will stick out like a tourist !!!!