Do you ever feel uncomfortable in public wearing your LV bag?? SOmetimes I feel like

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  1. Today I wore my LV mono speedy 35b. I just ordered the same in Ebene....
    Wherever I went, a fair, the food store, I saw women eyeing me and my bag. Then I started to feel like they were thinking I was showing off or something. I just like the bag for what it is. But I think the general public views it as you think u r rich type of bag etc.

    DO you guys ever feel like that?? Does it go away? I don't wear my bag often cuz of rain etc. BUt planned on wearing my ebene version 24.7
  2. I am currently deciding between a Mono and DE Neverfull. I am ultimately thinking Mono it will be, but the DE is still appealing to me just for the fact that it is not as "in your face." I'm a little bit worried about what people at work, friends, family, ANYONE will say. I'm saving and working hard to buy the bag, but people know I don't have money and I hate the judgment and stigma. Ultimately, I will not make my decision based on what other people will say, but I do think about it.

    However, I never notice looks when I wear my vintage Speedy. Maybe it's because I'm so used to it and one day I'll get that way with my Neverfull too...
  3. Nope. I couldn't care less what people think about my bag or about anything else pertaining to 'moi'. Why in the world would I?
    As my favourite aunt would say "they aren't in my world". :smile:
  4. I do get the look of judgement. I get it though cuz it is a luxury item and most people for one reason or another don't prioritize buying a luxury item let alone a purse. The thing is I can't live my life based on what strangers or acquaintances would say. In the end it's a purse not a life or death decision with life or death consequence.
    I'm just happy I can buy LV.
  5. Not all !!! They don't pay my bills so
    I don't care what they think of me n my LV !!!!
  6. Loads of people have a speedy and there are loads of replicas out there and I often wonder about whether they look at it wondering if its a replica. I personally don't have a speedy though- I don't quite know if its "me".
  7. I am aware of my surroundings at all times but not so much about other people looking at me or my bag. Maybe the people you think are staring at your bag are looking at something else and you happen to be in their direct line of vision; maybe they are thinking, "What a beautiful girl and bag!" Maybe their thoughts are pleasant and you're projecting negativity into their thoughts and feelings.

    I say, wear your LV's with pride and smile sweetly at everyone who looks at you! :biggrin:
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  8. My new collegue came in her first day carrying a fake mono noe, I haven't carried any of my LV's since then (1 week) and I know that when Ill do, Ill feel uncomfortable (which she should feel, carrying a fake :sad: )
  9. I do feel so but I think they just deciding if they should put my bag into their wish list or not. Because that's how I feel when looking at their bags :biggrin: I couldn't care less how people get their bags. They just bags IMO.
  10. If it's out-and-out ogling or staring, maybe a little. It doesn't make me want to put my bags away in storage, but I do grasp 'em a bit tighter.
  11. i honestly dont care.
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  12. I'm proud of my LVs, except when I go to charity functions, church event, kids school, etc

    I feel like I'm being too flashy with my thousand dollar bags. So I take my epi bags to go under the radar.
  13. You'll get use to it. I've been carrying LV bags for too many years. I don't care what other people think because it's my bag.
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  14. This! I sometimes (ok a lot) eye peoples bags and style if I like it, because I am interested in bags and look for inspiration when it comes to accessorizing etc. Don't stare much if something looks hideous because then my reaction is just to look away in embarrasment :-[

    But nonetheless, the LV monogram canvas is one of the most recognized logos and most people associate it with something and for a lot of people that something is luxury. But you can never know exactly what they think or if they think of luxury as a negative thing, and people who give mean looks to others perhaps are just jealous, insecure or something?
  15. Yes I feel uncomfortable sometimes, but I wear it for its style, history and design. I don't carry my mono neverfull to school or out with friends who cannot afford luxury items.
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