Do YOU ever feel this way?

  1. Just wondering if any of you feel like I do when getting a new bag. I usually am so excited but after I get it, I end up wanting another one and obsessing about it...RIGHT after I purchase it. Am I the only one??? Please tell me I'm not... :shrugs: I guess I'm addicted to LV!!!
  2. Definitely not just you.. I'm usually already thinking right away what bag I should get next. :graucho:
  3. I have a list and I just cross it off and then end up adding two or more bags to's a neverending cycle.
  4. not just you. i just got my speedy, now im thinking of the azur and epi soufflot :nuts:
  5. all the's addiction..don;t deny it..the more bags we get the more we want other bags..just needing higher dose of high..

    I jus got my Trouville this month and I am saving up again like crazy for other bags...I hope I don't get side track..
  6. No Doubt! I too am always on the look:yes:
  7. Definitely not just you. That high that you get from buying something like that (and at that price!) is definitely addicting!
  8. I'm always thinking one or two bags ahead.....
  9. Same problem here...we all need to get into BAA (bag addict anonymous!) =D. I will start..Hi my name is Jen, im 17,and Im addicted to bags...
  10. ALL the time. My happiness with a new bag might last a few day if I'm lucky but then I am only thinking of what I can get next.:nuts:
    Seeing the wonderful bags that people are continually getting on here doesn't help my sad addiction either.:sweatdrop:
  11. yes yes me too it is awful!!!
  12. i feel the same exact way!!! i'll have the craving for the bag, get it, excited for a while and then on to the next bag!
  13. All the time...I never seem to be satisfied.
  14. Count me in! It's an obsession now....
  15. Haha, that happens to me all the time. It's terrible!