Do You Ever Feel Pursed Out?

  1. I don't know why but for the past few days I've been feeling, for the lack of a better term, 'depressed' over my purses. I don't know if it's the thought of the amount of money or time I've been spending or them or what it is... I haven't quite figured out what is going on yet.

    I've bought 6 bags and a few accessories in the past 1.5 week. Before that I bought a lot of stuff I wanted for a while during PCE and on eBay. Yesterday, I won a beautiful Hampton's Red Satin Stripe Tote on eBay. And today I'm*hopefully* placing an order for 6 bags at Macy's


    I just...don't feel excited. I don't know what's wrong with me. I feel more blank and sad rather than anxious and excited like I was feeling before.

    I wanted to post and see if any of you ladies have been through something similar before.

    What was the cause of it? How'd you get over it? How long did it take?

    TIA. :sad:
  2. Do you think maybe your just buying to buy when truely your not loving the bags in the first place? Maybe your not giving yourself enough time to just enjoy one great piece at a time.
  3. I thought about that, but all my purchases have been the same as I do with my shoes.

    The purchases I've made have been towards the efforts of trying to have a purse that I LOVE at a decent price in every basic color (not shade, that would be ridiculous!) so that I can match all my outfits.

    I've made 2 impulse buys for bags I didn't love but those are going back.
  4. Is it possible that you are shopping excessivly as self gratification or a coping mechanism, however you have come to realize that excessive shopping isn't fixing the underlying problem which is probably completely unrelated to handbags?
  5. Maybe the purchases of so many great bags have just overwhelmed you a bit. Why dont you post pics of your new goodies here and see all of the wonderful compliments you'll get on them. Im sure that would make you feel better about your purchases.
  6. PyAri, I'm not actually feeling "pursed out" but I think that I am buying too much right now and, like you, the excitement isn't there as much as it usually is. I don't think I am buying just for the sake of buying, either. I have done that once or twice in the past and learned a lesson from that so I know that's not it.

    I find that I have buying spurts where I'll buy a ton of stuff at once time and then go a month or so without buying anything new. I definitely get more excited about getting new purses when I have that break between my purchases. It's like I appreciate it more, KWIM? When I am buying a lot of stuff in a short time period I think I get overwhelmed, which definitely lessens the excitement.
  7. Yes, I actually do feel pursed out at times. I think it comes from just a few years ago, buying a bag and carrying it until it falls apart - to now having a dozen bags. If you are worried about money, I would put on hold any more buying for a little while. You have such a lovely collection now.There have also been times when I didn't think about purses for a few months. Since joining the purse forum that hasn't happened lol, but its almost helped me because I get to admire and share in the joy of other people's bags instead of just focusing on myself.Hope you feel more up soon!
  8. PyAri:

    I know exactly how you are feeling. I feel I have kind of Outdone myself with all the purse buying lately and that I need to step back and regroup and figure out if I really need all these purses. I mean you can only use one at a time and what's the point in keeping on buying these purses and then realizing I can't enjoy wearing the one's I just got at the last Coach PCE. I don't know that I'll be buying any bags during the next PCE but I will buy two bags for friends of mine. I just purchased the Mandy Courier in Natural and the Ergo Vintage Hobo No. 11011. One of them is going back for sure. Maybe both of them.

    I know that the most important thing in my life are my children and my husband. When we had a big flood in my basement recently due to heavy rains we lost alot of money in damage. I realized that in the great scheme of things even my house/things I own/want don't mean a thing next to my family. They can all be replaced but my children/husband cannot.

    You might be getting too many bags and be on overload. Maybe you should not get anything at F & F
    for this time. Perhaps you should wait until the next Coach PCE which is just around the corner.

    I should talk! Look at my collection and it is only half of what I own.

    Good luck!
  9. I think this is what is known as "buyer's remorse." :sad:'s_remorse
  10. slow down killer...

    I think it's overload...buying just to buy. Been there, done that...

    sit back and I REALLY need all these. (no matter what your financial situation...12 new bags in a month?)
  11. This was my very FIRST post to the forum; in response to someone else wanting help deciding which bags to keep . . . I WAS EXTREMELY PURSED OUT, BUT MY PROBLEM HAS BEEN SOLVED . . .
    Maybe, I came here, because I'm saying, how could I let this happen. Watch out when after toting a diaper bag forever and say, "i want a purse" ~ the last four years has been an endless money sucking purse pursuit! I think, I am burnt-out! . . . bought and sold, bought and sold, bought and sold . . . I shipped a box load back to Coach warehouse today, a final few listed on Ebay. LizCordova, I have read several of your postings, like you, I enjoy the substantialness of the Legacy line, and feel a sense of relief.:crybaby:If only four years ago!

    I felt like it owned me. :hysteric: We don't like being slaves to anything. There is a lot of Coach, fun, frivolous, colorful and great imaginative design. And, there will be another Coach. My note to the returns dept "this is too much equity in "distinctive" leatherware that I will never use!" I have a gold mine in here! If I'm not enjoying it, it's not worth having. If I can't sit on that sofa, get it out of the house! It is hard parting with some bags, but frankly there were some bags I was happy to lose! You'll know when you find the right bags and use them.

    Ladies you have a great comraderie here. You're respectful and supportive. I can see how easy it is to get caught up in the euphoria of it all, but in a thread like this perhaps you help hold the line, and keep some grounded. The fashion industry is crazy and corporate america wants us to spend. All we really want is a little pleasure after our hard work or accomplishments, and celebrate everything significant with a treat.

    We all know in our heart what the right thing to do is. Sometimes we just want someone else to say want we really want to hear, that wouldn't be truthful. Sometimes we have to let things run their course, in this instance, it was expensive!

    I still have my favorite useful bags, but I feel CoachFREEE!

    And you all know how happy I am with my Ali's (I'll have to do another Collection photo, and show how greatly reduced my collection is!) And, I am at peace!
  12. Wow - well said!:woohoo:
  13. That was a good post
  14. Wow!!! If I had bought that much in that amount of time, I would be "pursed out" too!! I don't have many bags, and I'm happy with the ones I have because they were all ones that I REALLY wanted. Once I find a nice white bag, I'll be done for a while (although I'm also itching for something in camel now as well). If I were you, I would take a break and go through all of your bags and weed out the ones that you are in absolute love with and keep those. From there maybe pick 1 or 2 that you are in lust with and then either return or sell the rest....with that many, I'm assuming most are still NWT. Or, if you're feeling especially generous, I am still accepting birthday gifts....:graucho:
  15. I totally hear ya, My COACH SISTER! I know exactly where you are coming from!! After my Mega Shopping Spree over the last 2 weeks I, too, FINALLY figured out that I was doing just that...buying just to be buying. HAD to have one of whatever everyone else was getting or craving (although I still WANT a White Ali but have not been able to find one...I WILL get that when it comes my way). I returned my outlet purchases, returned the Large Denim Carly & will be returning the Medium Saddle and Denim Carlys, too. I kept looking and looking at them trying to MAKE myself fall in love with at least one of them. I finally thought...I just don't FEEL IT! when I went to Macys to pick up my F&F hold, I decided to get JUST the Multi Stripe Swingpack (for our upcoming vacation to the Florida Keys) with the matching mini skinny. I also got the Sig Stripe Punch mini skinny cuz you can't find them anywhere anymore. (I'll post pics soon) BUT...I AM going to decide between the two mini skinnies and take one of the back to the store....any suggestions on which one I should return?!? I'd LIKE to match the Swing pack, but I just LOOOOOVE the PUNCH!
    So....don't feel'll be doing the best thing to return what you can, sell what you want on Ebay and just be settled for a while. That's what I plan on doing!!! STOP THE MADNESS and TAKE A BREAK! :beach:
    Of course, I am talking to myself here, too. :p