Do You Ever Feel Overwhelmed by The Colors...and Wanting Them All???

  1. guys know I am been wanting the Vert Gazon for awhile. I keep talking about it and saying I am going to buy it...and then something else catches my eye (another Bal color) and I'm off lusting over it. So right now I've got money burning a hole in my pocket and am trying to decide between 5 bags: vert gazon twiggy, vert gazon city, cornflower purse, dolma city, and indigo city!

    Do you guys ever feel like you just want them all??? Well, maybe not every single color, but you have a color group you like (for me it's blues, pinks, greens) and you just want every single color made???

    Im probably going to end up contemplating for way too long and miss them all....and then I think maybe it's OK and I'll just put the money toward '08 colors (which, I of course want all of them!)!
  2. Yes! I am newish to Bal and when I look in the ref section and see some past colors, I'm dying because i don't have them and will never get them either.

    But then I look at what's coming for 08 and get excited again. But then sometimes, I'll just look at members pictures of their bags, when I have nothing better to do, and start the process all over again, seeing colors long gone, and me wanting them! It's a vicious cycle.
  3. Absolutely! Every single time I log onto TPF and see someone else's new goody, I change my wishlist.....AGAIN!:p I finally came to the realization that although the colors are gorgeous and I would LOVE to have each and every one, I know in my heart of hearts that I would never carry it because it's just not me. I'm more of a neutral bag kind of gal and tend to stick to blacks, blues, greens and greys and that's really alright with me. I love to look at everyone's bright and saucy bags but would probably never buy them.
  4. That's how I felt when I first started buying Bbags, but now I feel really content with my current collection, and the two bags I'm buying in spring.
    Actually, I feel like I have too many bags, but they all get used and I've already sold all the ones that I never carried. It still seems like a lot, so I'd feel guilty buying anything other than the new bags I've set aside money for. :yes:

    But in the beginning, it was exactly what you're describing, and I ended up buying a lot of bags on a whim and then having to sell them later. I think that the longer you're with Bal, the more you'll settle down and be able to discern the colours you'll REALLY love and use. Of course, it's still really hard when a great deal comes your way, but eventually you'll accumulate enough bags that you're sort of forced into sense. ;)
  5. YES

  6. LOL...thanks everyone!!! So how do you curb it? I've already sold every single LV...but then darn Chanel grabbed my eye and that cost me 2 Bbags LOL pathetic is it that when it comes to money I think in terms of how much 'bag' that can buy LOLOL
  7. i don't think they'll ever be a day where i'll not want something new. I've never had a HUGE collection of bbags at one given moment so I can't say that I ever feel guilty over my bags but I however do want to expand it over time. Right now three bbags and 3 coin purses are keeping me quite happy but come spring wallet will be crying because I love just about every color being released. It all depends on the season colors really for me but YES I definitely feel like I want them all at times.

    right now though I want a chanel or a miu miu/prada bag added to my collection..i'm loving the bow satchel. :graucho::love: I blame Vanessa Hudgens for starting my addiction with Miu Miu....
  8. sometimes, although since my wardrobe is basically neutral i tend to stick with neutral purses. but if money were no object, i'm sure i'd get it all!!!!!!

    the indigo city and the vert gazon city are fab, you can't go wrong with either :smile:
  9. For me it's want over do I just want that bag just so i can have it or do I really need that ? Usually my needs come before my wants...i always want something so I have to make sure that I really need that particular bag before hand.
  10. Well to be honest...I don't NEED any purse...I have a beat up Coach Hamptons tote that functions perfectly well as a purse. And it's black so it goes with everything...but darnit...I WANT more!! HEEHEE

    Is it bad to secretly wish I will hate the new Chanel so I can return it and buy 2 Bbags? LOL

    Is it bad to have created a spreadsheet of colors I want? Prioritized? I also created a document that has a collage of the blue swatches so I can try to determine which ones are too alike so I can decrease the number of bags I that bad? LOL
  11. Well, I've been buying these bags for 5 years, so although I adore almost every single color that comes out of Bal, I know which color/size I'd really love and use. Also, I've gotten a lot of what I've wanted already, so I don't find myself lusting over too many bags.

    Of course, if I had unlimited funds, I'd love to get a lot more, but I have to be realistic about the money I'm spending and the number of bags I have:shame:

    For instance, I adore the 05 Turq, but it's a color that I love looking at...instead of carrying it. I think mapping your wardrobe out in your head and try to incorporate the bag you're thinking about into it helps the decision making process:yes:

  12. ^^ those are words to live by!!!

    p.s. although i suppose i don't need any $1K bags
    if i'm really honest with myself (ACK!!!) :sweatdrop:
  13. yeah, b bags can make us crazy sometimes.
    that's why lately i've been contemplating my self to stay away from the b bag sub LOL
  14. ^^ ditto, same here girl :goodpost:
  15. I feel ya on that one!