Do you ever feel "maternal"?

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  1. I've gone through phases like this before, but lately it's been very strong. I've been feeling very "maternal" lately... having dreams about being pregnant, thinking about it a lot more, etc. It's very strange! I used to think that I didn't want children, but lately I've been thinking about it so much more and I know my stance has changed. I'm only 23, I'm in a very serious relationship (4.5 years), but we aren't married yet and we are still finishing up school and deciding on what we want to do with our lives. Children are not in our immediate future, but tell that to my body and my subconscious! :lol:

    Are any of you like that? Or have you experienced something like this?
  2. ^I feel maternal towards my Chis :smile:

    Sometimes I will see a cute baby commercial and think "aww" but then I go and spend time with my fiancee's nieces and nephews and I am like "nope!! not for me!!"

  3. ^ Ha! I know what you mean. My mom always told me that "it's different when they're your own." I hope so!
  4. I've felt maternal for sooo long...I'm only 21 and I don't see having kids for another 10 years or so because of school/career stuff, but I want a baby so bad! I always have dreams about having kids, and every time I see a baby I wish I had one.
  5. Happens to me all the time. Whenever I see someone carrying a baby, or even more so when I babysit for my little cousins. Makes me wish I had one of my own.. but then I get myself to thinking how drastically my life would change and I then realise I'm so not ready for that yet.

    I'd love to be a mum someday, just not at the time heh. But I do know how you feel, nerdphanie!
  6. I think when you have kids of your own you go from being maternal to being annoyed and/or anxious most of the time!
  7. I never do, but I'm 35 and don't want kids. I just don't feel a maternal instinct.
  8. I do....I really want a baby. Im struggling with the idea of gaining weight and fear of not getting it off again (that years of yo-yo dieting and constant struggles to stay fit) then I think Im being selfish. Im 38 and time is ticking..I could have had a baby and lost the weight by now!!! I can not wait to have a family.
  9. ^what about adoption?

    If my SO and I ever decided that we did want children, I am confident we would go this route :smile:
  10. I feel it ALL the time. I have always been someone who loves kids and families, I came from a good size family, and just love kids. I nanny for a 3 year old and now an infant (he is a month old), and I absolutely LOVE them both.

    Right now is not when I want to have kids, but I really would not be opposed. I am somewhat torn.
  11. The best thing I ever did was volunteer in a hospital nursery. It was the best of both worlds, I got to act like a mom during the day, then go home and not worry about a thing at night. It also made me realize that having a baby was way too much work, and as cute as they are, I should wait another 10 years. It's seriously one of the most rewarding things, and I would suggest it for those of you that feel maternal but don't want kids yet.
  12. ^ That sounds awesome. The thing is, I love babies so much that I feel like if it were MY baby, it'd just be the greatest thing in the world! Then again, I feel maternal in the sense that I want to play with and love and be loved by a little runt, but I'm not exactly dying to stay up all night taking care of it and changing its diapers. And yes, I know I've been using "it." Shorter than "he/she"...and with that lengthy explanation, I've totally undermined my pretenses at brevity.
  13. I never really had the desire to have children. Once in a blue moon I may feel as if I want children, but I'll see some kid screaming in the grocery store, or read on the news how some parents are upset because their kid shot someone, or watch my BF write his son yet another check for a school-related expense, or hear about a coworker who has to work on the weekend because they spent a day out with a sick child, or meet a daycare owner who says that they going rate is $150 per week per child, or hearing from a mother how hard it is to lose the pregnancy weight, or hearing how a woman sustained an "injury" during childbirth and no longer has a sex drive, or seeing a child who even refuses to call his mother on Mother's Day, let alone see her any other day of the month and start laughing at myself for even considering having children: "Girl you must be bananas!"

    I do feel maternal, though...all the time. I spoil my puppy (okay, he's really a dog!) rotten, and I go out of my way to keep him happy, safe, and well-adjusted. I tell him that he couldn't have been any cuter if I'd given birth to him myself! And as I work in foster care, I see children all the time that my heart just totally goes out to! I always did want to adopt, because there are SO many children out there who need love and have no parents to give it to them.

    I might end up having one of my own if I stay with my BF since he really wants another one, but the operative word here is "might."
  14. Caxe, ITA. When I think about having kids the negatives are so glaring and the positives so faint. Sleep deprivation for 18+ years? Disposable income all going to kids' needs? Children making it even harder for me to maintain a clean house and organized life? NO THANKS!

    And notice my avatar - my furkids #1 and 2. Funny, I don't mind spending time and money on them!

    ETA: I'm 30.
  15. I've never really felt it, although I've considered the idea. The most maternal I feel is thinking darn I wish I had a kid while browsing the Baby Dior section :smile:
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