Do you ever feel like you're being annoying when...

  1. You keep calling the store about upcoming releases that the store hasn't told about their clients yet?

    In the past I've bugged the staff at my store about the heart purse, Miroir Lockit, Love 2 tote, Nimbus PM, and Tivoli PM. So far, the heart purse, Miroir Lockit, and Love 2 totes have all been released. The manager at the store also knows about the Nimbus PM and the Tivoli PM, but both times he sounded like he really wanted to ask me, how the HECK did I get the information about it?! (Although he knows I'm a TPF member)

    Right now...I really really really want to call about the silver Suhali zippy wallet...I can't stop thinking about it!! Silver goatskin leather :drool: Anyway, but I'm a bit afraid because I just bugged him about the Tivoli PM recently. Plus, I don't know what I'd say if he asks me where I heard this from (although he will know it's TPF, he'll try to ask how I learned about it...and I CAN'T tell him I saw scans of the book!).

    Is this page below...part of the regular lookbook? See, my store doesn't even have the lookbook yet, making things much more difficult. I don't know if the book would have this page:

    (On the bottom, it says Suhali zippy Or, Agent (argent, which is silver), bleu)

    So, what should I do?
    - Call and ask to be on the waiting list now
    - Wait until I go into LV next time (probably next week, to check if lookbook's in) to talk to the manager in person about it
    - Wait until the lookbook is out to ask, even if the zippy isn't in the lookbook
    - Wait until information regarding the silver/gold zippys are available (which I fear, what if somebody wait lists before me?)

    And what do you guys think about how limited these metallic Suhali zippy wallets will be?
  2. Well why don't you say your friend in England (America ect) Has see the Look book at their boutique and they saw something about a Silver Suhali zippy wallet and you wanted to be waitlisted!
    Cause i saw the look book at my boutique yesterday.
    Don't worry about bugging him.
    I bug my SA's all the time.
    Your most likely going to purchase a item if you ask to waitlist for it so don't worry!
  3. Lol yes. Last time I did was when I kept calling wondering where my Pomme Inclusions were. I think they got the hint next time when they called me the day the Amarante pieces came out haha.
  4. I always say friends in the US told me about them, so just like Kaiiechanel said reverse it
  5. I haven't called the store myself about early items, but I say, why not? You totally should ... you know the saying "the early bird gets the worm". Why wait and risk possibly not getting a piece when it's first released if you really, really want it? And don't worry about feeling like you're bugging them ... I'm sure they probably get alot of calls asking about future items.

    I would hope they wouldn't have a problem if people saw pics before they were even letting their customers know, because it drums up even more excitment and people wanting to buy the new pieces. You don't even have to say you saw pics ... you could just say you heard rumours about it or something.

    Anyway, good luck and go for it! :smile:
  6. i know what you mean about thinking that you're being annoying, but my SA thinks its really funny that i get information before she does.

    if i had to guess i would say that they aren't going to be THAT limited. but if your heart is set on it, then what's the harm in waitlisting now.
  7. Since you're a good customer, there shouldn't be any problem with you giving them a call, mentioning the Suhali zippy wallet (using the whole "my friend told me" story), asking to be put on a handwritten wait-list (in case it's too early for the formal one yet), then tell him you'd like to see the lookbook yourself when your store gets it in.

    I say give them a call now, and let them know you will be stopping in next week.

    Off topic: is that finally the actual picture of the Damier Neverfull??
  8. im so excited for november!!! that's when i'll be going to hawaii.:drool:
    dont worry karman, i always call all 3 lv stores in oahu to ask because they never give me info in sf or 866vuitton. imo they should be grateful we're providing them with a lot of $$$, courtesy of TPF!
  9. As long as you're not being rude, call as much as you like! That's the SA's job to help you!! Just call and get on the waitlist already, lol!
  10. Karman I bet they love your are so good for business and sales they are probably happy to hear from you...
  11. Hardly ever! If anything we keep them on their toes. Plus it's good business for LV that there are so many avid collectors out there.:tup:
  12. Karman-
    I think you should call. The earlier the better. It's the best way to make sure when the new stuff comes out that you get it! My SA tknows about TPF and she thinks it funny that we get the info before them.
  13. Give them a call!!! I do it all the time. They won't mind!
  14. Call them and go on the list so you get your wallet, they are there to help you.
  15. Alright, I think I'll call tomorrow or later on this week...hopefully he'll know about the silver zippys and will start a waiting list for me!

    I'll most likely call 866 when they come out to have them locate one for me immediately anyway, knowing myself :lol: