Do you ever feel like you need ....

  1. Just 1 more bag to complete your LV collection, and you promise yourself that you will stop after obtaining that bag, and then you end up obsessing over another bag?

    When do you feel like enough is enough ?:confused1::confused1:
  2. LV is like $$$, it's never enough (even Bill Gates sill own stocks of Microsoft!):lol: I thought Mahina XL was IT for me, then Tivoli GM, Trevi GM seems the made their way to me.....and I'm also thinking about 2 other bags.....
  3. All the time. I tell myself "this is the last LV I will ever buy". That was two bags ago... hehe :biggrin:
  4. After my husband bought my white Suhali Le Fab for my birthday three weeks ago, I thought that would end my obsession. Unfortunately, it only intensifed it because now I want something else!! LOL I am now thinking that I need an Azur Speedy 30 or the Saleya PM/MM since I passed on the gorgeous Berkeley with all that vachetta or perhaps the blue Mini Lin Croisette Speedy.
  5. OMG... ALL the time!!!! I just went 1 year without an LV.. I got my Trevi 2 days ago.. and then I bought a fuschia Houston.. now I am thisclose to getting a BH and an inclusion bracelet!!!
    It's a sicknesssss!!!!!!
  6. LV definitely is drug. I still remember the day when I bought my 1st second-hand LV years ago; the pre-owner warned me that once you have one, then you never can stop.
    It's so true.:yes:

  7. This is definitely true!!! Definitely one powerful drug, bug, or obsession.... :lol:
  8. Yes!!!!!!! All the time!!!! LV is a sickness with no cure!!!
  9. anyone up for LV rehab?
  10. i think as long as LV continue to design pretty bags, we can never stop buying. i say to myself all the time that, "ok this is the last one bag i'll buy this year (no just LV alone)", but then what do you know, they come out with some lovely new collection that i'll crave for. what's a girl to do... :girlsigh:
  11. I was like that for a loooooong time. However, one day I just stopped and even sold a few. I'm now really happy with the few I have and I'm truly enjoying them!
  12. I know the feeling and since I found this forum it is even worst, since now you really know the "hot" bags the LE when something is being released.
  13. I have one more bag to go. Then i am going on a ban. i need to diversify my collection. Maybe after a few Chanels I'll be back. Who am I kidding? I'll never leave lol
  14. Yeah that's pretty much the way I shop for a lot of things -- LV, sunglasses, shoes... :biggrin:

  15. Ah - you got that fuschia Houston, I'm green with envy. I decided that I can't even consider it right now what with the exotic handle watercolor speedy, new inclusion colors, and metallic Chanel reissues.

    But I'm off topic, and on - as you can see, there's always that next bag or bags rather.