Do you ever feel like you need to hop out of your favorite subforums?

  1. I usually visit the same 4 or 5 subforums, and that's it!

    So, I make it a point to go visit other subforums that I don't normally frequent just to shake things up a bit!

    Do you do the same, or do you religiously stick to your fav's?
  2. Hehehe... took me about two weeks to ever leave the Up To The Minute subforum, then I only went to one more for a few weeks, (Relationships and Family) then I found General (where I hang out a lot now) but then the Health and Fitness threads... Then the Animal forum... lets see... oh! Just recently I found the eBay forum as well. All things I could relate to. But soon, I'm gonna sneak over to the LV forum and see what's up there.

    But I can do this, since I spend almost all my awake time right now on the laptop!
  3. ^^I'm with you Speedy...First one I go to is General, then Up to the Minute, then Celebrities, then Television, then every once in a while i go down the list....I'm looking to buy a new purse with all the $$$ I got for my B-day...just not sure which brand to buy.So maybe i'll sneak a peak at the LV or Coach forums..
  4. I'm always in the same places. LOL. I NEEEVER go into like half of the designer subs and there are like half of the Playgrounds subs I'm pretty sure I've never even clicked on. LOL Sometimes i do venture into different designer subs but then I get overwhelmed by something unfimiliar and head back to my usual stomping grounds.
  5. Nope...venturing out of my safe zones could cost me ALOT of money LOL The last time I ventured out I sold all my LVs for Balenciagas. Then I ventured into Chanel and bought one of those LOL
  6. TPF is great! There are so many interesting subforums to visit. There's no way I could visit them all at one sitting. I do jump around a lot, but I have my favorites where I spend most of my time.
  7. I love visting all different ones, sometimes I just lurk in a few different ones, never posting but I love lurking in hermes. but I always go to the same ones and post usually chanel, general and celebrity. when I joined it was for LV but that changed fast! I love them all though!!
  8. I'm always in the off topic discussions and the accessory forums..hehe. They're just more interesting to me I guess. I like to browse the designer forums but you can't talk as much in there IMO.
  9. for a long time i never went anywhere else but the LV forum. but now i make it a point to venture out. lots of interesting threads all over the place!!! :smile:
  10. I venture out more than I ever did...I usually leave the LV forum when I feel like I've been on there *too* long lol (as in, there are no more authentication questions and no more questions I can help answer).
  11. I feel like I get to that point in the day or the week when no one updates my pet designer forums enough (lol spoken like a true addict) and I have to hop out, but I admit to ignoring half of the subforums.

    It's amazing to me how two people who have so much in common here might never meet because PF is so big and only certain forums allow for much getting to know someone. Anyone else ever feel that way?
  12. That's what I'm doing now! lol, I usually stick in the relationships or handbags forum, but I've been venturing out into the bal forum every once and awhile. I think I've only been here once before!
  13. I have been visiting other groups in the Playground but refuse to go into any more of the designer forums other than the few I currently visit. It would be too expensive if I fell in love with another brand right now. I got sucked into Chanel easily so no more, lol.
  14. Sometimes I read other forums so that I stay away from Balenciaga and the temptation to go crazy! :graucho:
  15. I usually hop around but have my daily favorites. I was never in the relationship forum but just started checking that out. There are some I've never been in at all like YSL and Tokidoki