Do you ever feel like this?

  1. I have to say that I'm appalled by how different I look with and without makeup :weird:. I know everyone looks different, but for some people the difference is minimal (and I don't mean that in a bad way). I stay at home most of the time, and I only leave the house twice a week to go to my internship. When I'm at home I obviously don't wear makeup, but then when I have to go out and put on makeup, the difference is blinding. It's like my eyes have suddenly opened 100x wider and my nose has shrunk to the right size :shocked: (I have a big nose; and it's painfully obvious). Yes, I've compared pictures of myself with and without makeup :yes:.

    The only time I go out without makeup on is when I know I'll be back in the house in under 20 minutes. It takes me a half hour tops to put everything on, but my ex-boyfriend used to gripe about how he had to wait for me to do it, and said that I should just go out au naturale, the very thought of which mortified me :wtf:.

    So ladies, do you put on makeup every time you step out of the house? Or do you just :censor: it, and go out without? Do you think you look like a completely different person when you put on makeup, or when you take it off?

    Or am I just suffering from a chronic inferiority complex :huh:?
  2. It depends. I will not go to work w/o my face done. I refuse to do it on the way to work. If it's a Saturday or Sunday morning and I'm going out to breakfast w/my girls, I won't. But shopping and dinner, yes.
  3. I only apply makeup for work and I usually hate the feeling of makeup on myself anyway. :yucky: If for going out with friends, usually minimal makeup like some eye shadows and lip gloss. For home or visiting family, no makeup at all.

    I think I look slightly different with makeup since eye shadows and eye liners usually make my small Asian eyes bigger. But my bf and other guy friends can't tell the difference of me with or without makeups. Maybe they're just typical blind guys. :roflmfao:
  4. the older I get, the less I care!
  5. I NEVER leave the house without my bare escentuals powder on. I have sensitive skin that gets all red and blotchy almost every day (if I have allergies, if I'm hot ... etc.) and really dark undereye circles. I look horrible without it. :sad: But, if I'm just running errands or something, that's all I'll put on, I won't do eyeshadow/mascara/etc.
  6. I go without makeup a lot. I wear makeup when I go out and at work most days. I love make up and collect more than I wear.

    When I don't have makeup on, I use a tinted moisturizer. That gives me enough coverage (my skin looks pretty good without makeup) and a dewy look at the same time.
  7. you know what I've noticed also as I've gotten older? Women wear too much makeup! Whenever I go to say a MAC counter, OMG! They look like they are wearing masks! Guys don't like this! And these girls are very pretty girls! but maybe when you are young you don't have that confidence yet. I know I didn't! and makeup was fun too! (I was in my 20s and clubbing like a madwoman in the 80s!) but seriously girls, I see all these young women wearing so much makeup and they don't need it in my opinion. maybe just some light foundation and a little mascara (because lets face it, young guys are still pretty superficial) But the older guys get - believe me, they want more than a pretty face. And I am in the music world.

    p.s. sorry for the long post. I am clubbing at the Bagnshoo tonight!
  8. I always wear make up to work. Normally I don't like going anywhere without some concealer on as I tend to be really red around my nose and under my chin. I don't spend a lot of time putting on makeup b/c I really don't know what I am doing. :yes: But I do feel ALOT better wearing makeup then without!
  9. i don't look that much different with or without the makeup, since i usually only put on powder and eyeliner and do my eyebrows... i have pretty good skin but ugly eyebags... nothing can really fix that so i just give up now... lol :Push:

    i always wear makeup when i go to work but during weekends, if i am just going out for a short time or just to my friend's house, i won't wear makeup... :rolleyes:
  10. I rarely wear make up. I look very different when I do and people don't recognize me. I go to wear without any make up everyday. Sometimes I'd just do some eyeshadow and that's it.
  11. i think i look amazingly better with makeup on. like you said, the difference is shocking. my eyes are wider and i have better color (i'm very pale). however, i am lazy. :yes: not often, but there are days i just don't want to bother with it. i always feel better/prettier when i have makeup on though. i don't think you have a complex. i personally think that a good blush and some lipgloss will help nearly anyone look better.
  12. I don't wear makeup that often. When I do it's very "natural" looking, just a light cream blush and a neutral color on the eyes. On my lips I usually just wear a clear lip balm, since I am lucky to have very rosy lips already. I do sometimes think the eye makeup can make my eyes look prettier, but the difference is minimal.

    That said, I like applying makeup, it's fun and makes me feel like I am doing something nice for myself. But I never overdo it. In fact, just plucking my eyebrows makes a bigger difference to how my eyes look than anything else.
  13. yeuxhonnetes, I am totally like you! I never leave the house without my 'face' on. And yes, the difference (IMO) of me w/ and w/o makeup is like night and day.

    Oh wellz, I'd rather go out feeling like a million bucks.
  14. I don't go out without makeup either. I just don't feel "put together" without it. I also have very dark undereye circles that I absolutely hate, so I am always sure to cover them up before going out. I love makeup!
  15. I remember when I was 19, I used to put make-up on, even for work. :nuts: Now I can't really be bothered. (I'm 27) I apply concealer for my under-eye bags (from all the late night prowling on Purseblog and and thats it. On the weekends, however, when is when I break out the eyeshadow, liner, blush, etc. The bf hates it when I go to work without make-up.. but hey, who am I going to impress right? :shrugs:But he claims that I should like my best all the time. :wtf:

    What concealer do you use?? I'm using Tony & Tina Eye Base, Stila Concealer on TOP of that, and Bobbi Brown powder as finishing. (and this is ONLY for my eyes!!) I find that it doesn't really cover THAT much.. or maybe I should just sleep earlier!! :roflmfao: