Do you ever feel like becoming a minimalist? Ready to chuck it all.

  1. So, I am still trying to do some spring cleaning. Started early and did well for awhile and then backslid a bit. Sold some bags (a first for me) and was feeling better about cleaning out. It's not really about the money, but the feeling of gluttony. The kids have so much, I have so much. 'Stuff' is spilling out from every room, closet, garage and my car (because there are bags of things I had to have, but are still in the trunk and back seat). I really think it is a disease! This afternoon I was sick with myself and ready to sell/ donate/trash everything. I threw out two bags of junk today and made 2 goodwill bags, I have calmed down a bit, but still ready to do some major purging tomorrow and this weekend.

    Why is it such a viscious cycle. I just cleaned out my purses and then went and ordered more.

    Does anyone else feel this way, and how do you handle it?
  2. I am the *anti-packrat*.. I don't keep too much around.

    .. but be sure to send me anything you might not need. :p :yes:
  3. Actually Twinkle, you are MUCH better at cleaning out than I am. My closet is overflowing with stuff I never wear kids' closets too! In the 2 years since we moved into this house, I have not yet once chucked or donated a single thing. I'm starting to feel the urge to downsize now, finally. Seeing my stuffed closet totally makes me feel like a glutton!
  4. I went through a phase a few months ago. I was disgusted with myself for all the expensive purses I had. I live in a very poor state and work for a very low paying employer. (My DH makes excellent money, so my income doesn't matter) A few months ago a co-worker was trying to save $400-500 for a clothes dryer so he and his wife wouldn't have to take their clothes to his mom's to dry. My wallet cost more than $500. For some reason, that hit me hard and has stayed with me. I gave my mom and sisters almost all of my purses and haven't replaced them. I don't intend to. It's really weird because I don't want anything, and I've loved purses for as long as I can remember. I don't even look in the purse forums anymore. Oh well.
  5. I absolutely know what you mean! I've moved house every year for the last three years (I'm a student), and every single time I donate at least one huge box of clothing and books. Somehow though, at the end of the year, it still seems like it all comes back, and I have as much junk as I did last year. Where does it all come from? I think that I can't possibly have bought that much new stuff...but somehow I did!

  6. I had a similar epiphany a couple of months ago, when I added up all of the money that I had spent on purses and realized that I had spent more on purses than what many people make in a month. I have a strong guilt complex, so even thinking about spending that much money again makes me feel sick to my stomach.
  7. A minimalist!?! :wtf: :wtf: Thats crazy talk! Crazy I tell you! :lecture:


    But seriously, Yes I have thought about it but I just replace everything I give away. SIGH...
  8. I understand. In the beginning, I got rid of some extra LV accessories I didn't need...but after getting my pomme cles, I got rid of a couple purses, including my petit bucket that I thought I would never get rid of. I sold them through consignment, so I'm hoping I get enough money so I can buy a computer (something I REALLY need, not an LV). For some reason, I still want an LV cabas piano or/and an LV Josephine PM, but honestly, I felt so overwhelmed when I had more than 5 LV purses...I hate having to have things I don't really need, so I just sell. :s
  9. I am a pack rat. I think they only way I will ever get my clutter under control is when I move!

    I am very guilty of buying items I do not use. I hoard paper arts supplies. So many clothes and shoes - new, unused.
  10. I have a buy one, get rid of three things philosophy.

    There is only so much clothes that you hold onto I mean I have jackets that are still in good condition from high school. But there is only so much closet space!:sweatdrop:
  11. Right now the only think I want to chuck out the window is my husband!!! I'll keep the mess og bags, shoes, clothes, junks that are making it hard to walk anywhere in my house.

    Grrrrrrrr....just venting!
  12. I was just doing my taxes and I made 6 HUGE hauls to Goodwill last year. Can't believe I had so much crap; mostly clothes, shoes and cookware. I have just really gotten into bags in the almost year since joining here so I will probably purge/sell at some point. I just think it's a normal, healthy cycle to re-evaluate what we have, get rid of what we don't and then build up again for whatever reasons when priorities change.

    I do agree that the buy one/get rid of at least one rule is a good one to avoid too much clutter.
  13. it's an endless cycle here as well... although, i'm not as bad as i was in previous years. i've cut back a lot on shopping for clothes in general. i only buy a couple bags every 3-4 months or so, and i try to sell the things i do not use.

    i still have quite a bit to clear out, though. but i think i'm somewhere in between... i've seen those who have more junk than i do, but i certainly don't consider myself a minimalist
  14. Absolutely! I'm a minimalist, don't keep stuff at all.
  15. I used to be a packrat... thank goodness that I moved recently. In total, there were about 7 big full trashbags of papers, shoe boxes, folders, and wrapping paper? :shame: Oh yeah and 1 Goodwill bag. :smile: