Do you ever feel like a day is so long...

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  1. It's actually two days? Oh my Lord... I can't even remember what I was doing this morning because it feels like days ago... :worried: Is this what happens when you get old?! ;) I kid, I kid. Just wilting a little under the heavy schedule.
  2. :lol: Happens to me all the time...Sometimes an HOUR feels long! I think time goes by faster now than when I was younger though. Life is just flying by!
  3. lots of days like that lately - between school full time and almost full time hours at work since my boss got fired, days are loooooong. today is going to be one. it's 6:30 and i'm already up and showered. i've got my weight watchers meeting and then work until 6:30 this afternoon although i'm working with my boss that didn't get fired and sometimes he sends people home early...
  4. lol I so agree. I have a three hour class on Fridays and one 1 hour feels like a day. :sad2: lol Yeah, it does go by fast as you get older.
  5. Yes, I do know the feeling...
  6. Tomorrow I will - 6 looooooooooonnng hours at work (doesn't sound much, but its the world's slowest, least stimulating job, and every minute feels like a year.) :sad:
  7. Days breeze by when you have to go to the dentist tomorrow.

    Days drag on interminably when you check UPS and see that you have a brand new bag in it's unopened box waiting for you at home:biggrin:
  8. yes deffffinately especially during math class! lol
  9. Whenever I need time, the day only lasts 4 minutes .23453 seconds. When I don't have anything to do and am looking forward to a day coming up, the day lasts 8967 hours. Go figure...
  10. That reminds of me a great Einstein quote:

    "Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute and it feels like an hour. Sit next to a pretty girl for an hour and it feels like a minute. That's relativity."
  11. Sometimes at work it feels that way. Sometimes I just want to get out of work because I'm falling asleep there.

    Time goes by fast when you're having fun. That's usually how it is for me.
  12. I love days that are jam packed full of stuff. Days like today where I don't have much to do, and no one is really around or doing anything... kill me! ugh, I get so bored. So, I feel like the days drag by for waaay too long when I have nothing to do. :-p
  13. My lectures are like days. My weekends are like seconds. Case in point, WHERE DID MY WEEKEND GO?!?!?! It's almost Sunday for me!!
  14. Yeah! Why is that? When you're waiting for vacation it goes slow, and when you on vacation it goes at warp speed!:lol:
  15. all the time. i'm usually good at finding something to pass the time by like playing a game on my phone when i'm waiting for someone to pick me up (which always feels like forever) or taking pictures of myself during chem (i sit in the back and my teacher is oblivious!) :lol: