Do you ever feel incomfortable "wearing" so much money?

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  1. 800$ is the most i have spent on a bag and i'm scared to wreck it somehow. Now í'm thinking about a 1500 dollar bag, but i don't know i dare to wear it. I know some of you guys have far more exspensive ones. And for the none millionaires; aren't you affraid something might happen?
  2. You won't wreck's a good bag that'll stay nice.
    I don't feel "uncomfortable" because there are SO many people around today walking around with similar bags, real or not, and most non-LV experts can't tell the difference anyway. If you're worried about it though, go with a line like Epi or Suhali which aren't obviously LV.
  3. At first I do get scared that I will wreck it but after time I relax a little with it.

  4. Yah, when I use something logo-less I don't get as many stares. But, even with a Mono bag I don't feel "uncomfortable" at all, I use my all bags with pride! : )
  5. I'm not affraid off other people, just for my self and and an ice cream for instance
  6. Haha. It should be fine anyway :lol:
    Which one did you get?
  7. yeah when they're brandnew I'm a little scared of dirt coming on it, but after a while you just get used to using the bags. afterall they are supposed to be used and at those prices they better withstand daily abuse, otherwise there are other brands to try out...
  8. When I first bought my Manhattan GM I was paranoid it would get dirty. Now I take it on flights and last time the handle got dirty from the belt and I didn't really think of it. I know over time the leather will patina and you won't even notice. As for being nervous, I never am. Let people stare IMO.
  9. I always buy to use so I don't worry at all in that way.

    The only time I felt any kind of discomfort was when the garbage guy made some comment about the LV boxes I was throwing out. That was scary, but in a different way.
  10. ^^^:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: . Me TOO!!!
  11. i do sometimes think "holy cow i'm carrying like 2k worth of stuff" and it freaks me out. that's not just my bag but my wallet, cles, inclusion cell strap etc as well.
  12. I don't care how expensive a bag is, what is the point of having it if you can't enjoy it.
  13. I'm def not a millionaire, but I love using my LV! It IS special because it is expensive. But, when I use it I feel like a million bucks. You really only live once (or more)...:P ...
  14. Hmm, you got me thinking, and this is how much I carried yesterday:

    Shoes: $100
    Socks, inside clothes (bra), etc: $100
    Jeans: $200
    Shirt: $40
    handbag: $180
    koala Wallet: $600
    Cash inside wallet: $60
    Epi cles: $200
    Makeup: ~$100
    Jacket: $100
    Agenda: $150
    Glasses (in bag): $300
    Misc: $20

    ...So.......I was "wearing" over $2500 without a super-expensive bag...:nuts:

  15. Sometimes, in the wrong place, but most of the time, no.