Do you ever feel guilty?

  1. Well my house closes tomorrow and so I get a bit of money from the sale. Hubby and I already decided that we each get to spend $2000 on whatever we want and the rest gets put away.
    Well I knew this was happening and so I went out and have been buying like crazy...all kinds of LE/discontinued LV items.
    Hubby asked me to add it up today and I went over by about $1000. Oops:nuts:

    I actually feel guilty.....I was going to by the mini lin this weekend....but now I think I'll be a good wife and wait (I'm still going to buy my groom stuff because its limited).

    ***I should add that he didn't care that much and wasn't upset or anything***

    Do any of you actually feel this way ever?????
  2. congrats on the house! sometimes, but then i try to be good at saving $ other ways to compensate for these purchases.
  3. lol baby...I said this to my husband tonight
    "honey, I don't drink, do drugs, I gave up gambling, I don't buy expensive shoes, I don't get manicures or pedicures, I try to avoid grocery shopping (mostly because I hate cooking), I don't get my hair cut every 6 I deserve a hobby"
    His reply "How long did you spend practicing that speech. But I love ya anyways!"

    and thanks for the congrats....we were payting a double mortgage for the last 4 it's a big relief to be sold!
  4. Congrats on your house closing tomorrow. No need to feel guilty, you should get to enjoy yourself sometimes! I would only feel guilty if I spent the money that I didn't have.
  5. Thanks purse! I feel like I need to go spend some extra money on hubby now...he didn't even spend his full amount and is saving the rest of his amount for our trip to visit the parents this Christmas.
    We are just the worst people to be married to each other....we're both spenders lol
  6. does your husband want to contribute some of his money to your lv purchases?
  7. Twiggers, my boyfriend and I are spenders too. I spend on purses and he spends on cigars and car accessories. Don't worry the extra amount your husband didn't spend makes up for what you spent over!
  8. LOL Purse...that's kind of how I see it! But in the back of my mind I'm still trying to justify buying the mini lin this weekend argggg. I know it's permanent...ack

    baby: I don't think he sees it that way right now.....maybe by the weekend I can convince him of that!
    I'm going to call my SA and her put one away for me just in case I can his/my mind about it!
  9. I've pulled out her business card and am calling now!!!!!! I want that darn mini lin LOL
  10. I occasionally feel guilty--just because I already have more beautiful bags that I can use and I could spend the $ more wisely. Other times, I don't feel too guilty, as this is my only vice and while I spend too much on bags, I also save quite a bit for the future. I would feel very guilty if I was buying and not saving at all...
  11. Yaaa hubby & I are definitely not savers :sad: We're spenders all the way...but never too much that we're in trouble or anything. The bills/house/car, etc. always come first.
    We're also younger (I'm in my late 20s) so saving for the future...ahhhh I wish. When I'm done school in a few years is when we'll start that (although he does his 401K so I guess that counts but it's automatically taken out so we never notice it gone).
  12. i feel guilty everytime i buy LV, but that guilt vanishes almost entirely when i "play" with them and do the same justification as you, Twiggers.. i dont do drugs, i dont smoke, i dont buy expensive clothes, i dont buy shoes... but i do buy LV and jewelleries =)
  13. twiggers- i talked to a sa at elux and she said the the free shipping goes through this week. buy on elux- save tax & shipping- get you mini lin, AND save $$$!!! (tell dh that!)
  14. ooohhhhh that could be good baby....since the tax in chicago is so high!
    I just got off the phone with SA and I'm on the list but won't know until Friday if I get one this round :sad:

  15. Ditto! handbag addiction is my ONLY real bad habit! Congrats, what a load off your back!:yahoo: