Do you ever feel guilty

  1. Do any of you ever feel guilty, especially those with exotic bags, about what it takes to get those bags?

    I was recently "told off" because of my ostrich birkin and my lizard kelly. The person that I was speaking with felt that it was animal cruelty. They compare it with owning a mink.

    So how do you all feel about it and have any of you ever had someone get on your case about something similar?
  2. I have visited the farm where Hermes farms it's porosus croc, and let me tell you, there;s no animal cruelty involved there. People can just mind their own business, who are they to judge you on what you choose to carry? If someone told me off, I think I'd be inclined to give them a good, hard slap.
  3. GF is my idol.
  4. Oh, and BTW, Nathansgirl? I would have told that person that having to be subjected to their unsolicited opinions constituted cruelty to humanity.

    (and for the record, I am a huge animal lover. I love my pets. But I also love the steak on my table. I love my leather bags. I even love fur. I love all animals!)
  5. I wear fur.

    And I carry exotics.

    And I don't feel guilty.

    And I love animals by the way.
  6. Just to clarify, I studied Veterinary Science at Uni, so I'm no animal hater!
  7. Where's that bowing down smiley? No, seriously.
  8. LMAO!

    I studied it, but didn't complete my degree!!!! Don't bow down, I wasn't saying it for kudos!!!

    ARGH...too late to edit it.....
  9. Ehhh whatever. I :heart: you no matter what. OH and I found something I wanted to show you!! Check your PM shortly.
  10. LOVE my pets (you gotta love Muffin),
    LOVE my bags (all leather),
    LOVE my Croc ('s croc)
    DON'T love people who force their unsolicited opinions on you..........

    I'd be tempted to smack her too.....and I'm a pacifist (until you piss me off...LOL!!!!!)
  11. My heroine! :tender:

    nathansgirl - it's just jealousy. The argument is flawed. What about non-exotics? Geez ....
  12. everybody knows by now i am huge exotic fan, i tried to picture in my head my nilo bag crawling in the gator pit. it did not work. couldn't picture it. i guess this is disassociation? i love mink too and don't support animal cruelty at all and if i see anybody painfully plucking ostrich feathers out of my ostrich getting ready to be made into a birkin while he is still alive I will give them a good bag slap!:bagslap:
  13. No guilt
  14. oh nathansgirl your ostrich kelly is TDF, so cute!
  15. Aww you ladies are great. Thanks so much for helping to make me feel better. :heart:

    And you all are right about unsolicited opinions. I need to do a better job of letting people know what they can do with their unsolicited opinions.