Do you ever feel guilty?

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  1. Seriously ladies, we spend hundreds (if not thousands) on new bags. Am I the only one who sometimes feels like that money would be better spent on something charitable? :s
  2. Definitely not. Sometimes when I think about it, it's frightening how much is spent on something that some people consider "frivolous". However, at the end of the day, it's your money - money that you've worked hard for and should be able to decide what you want to do with it. In my personal life, I do contribute - both monetarily and materially through clothing donations - but also know when to treat myself as well.
  3. (1) I am coming to the realization that humanity is an endless pool of need. I do what I can (which is a LOT more than almost anyone I know), but even if I gave everything up the remaining need would be infinite. I agree with the idea that most of us who are willing to splurge on bags understand that we are blessed beyond measure and are actually more likely to give back than others. People who splurge, in many cases, are exhibiting an APPRECIATION of their financial blessings--and you can't appreciate what you have without comprehending that others have much less.
    (2) Agreed that everyone has their 'thing' that they spend on. Instead of having kids I can't afford, like most of my cousins, I am putting off childbirth. As a result, even while saving up for my future kids I have extra spending money for bags. Instead of stretching to buy a house I can't afford, I accept that renting is my lot in life and thus have more spending money, even while saving up for a down payment, for bags. Instead of having a short commute, like ALL of my friends, I endure their constant ridicule and a longer train ride to live in a working-class neighborhood and thus have more money for bags. Instead of spending money on clothes, since at a size 8 I am considered morbidly obese in NYC and can't buy clothes at upscale boutiques, I spend money on bags to try to look put-together and professional. Instead of working a 9-to-5 job that would allow me to have a social life, I work around the clock to try to build a better life for my future children and thus earn more money that I can spend on bags even while saving for the future. Instead of having fun at university and going to parties, I held three jobs to pay for tuition at the best school I could get into and spent 100% of my free time studying to get the best possible grades, all so I could build a more comfortable life for my future family, so that now I have a little extra spending money. Apologies for length, but I am SICK and TIRED of feeling like a lifetime of sacrifices means that people expect me to sacrifice MORE and MORE and MORE, rather than surround myself with nice things and FINALLY enjoy even a LITTLE FREAKING BIT the fruits of so many years of labor.
  4. Yes, I do feel guilty at times. However, my family also gives to charitable causes and my profession involves helping others. I think it's o.k. to balance treating yourself with caring for others. I also rationalize that it's good for the economy, buying bags helps pay for others salaries, etc.
  5. yes sometimes...
    but for certain bags that i have been wanting,
  6. When I walk by a homeless person carrying a Louis Vuitton bag, yes I do feel horribly guilty. That's why I always smile, say Hi and give them some change, and donate to a homeless shelter regularly. Well said that you can have nice things and still be charitable bagnshoos.
  7. thanks bagsnshoo:biggrin:
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