Do you ever feel GUILTY for spending so much on an LV piece??

  1. Ok so yes I just got my Manhattan on Thurs and today is Sat and I have yet to use it. Yesterday I was totally overcome with guilt on how much it cost! $1570 w/tax. I mean we spent that much on our bed and we sleep on it everyday, or on our big screen tv. I have never in my life spent that much on one thing just for me..........except for my watch and rings but DH bought those for me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this bag but dang I just feel so bad.......$1600 is a lot of money to me, especially since I don't work and am a SAHM! So should I be feeling guilty??? Do you guys feel bad when you buy something that costs so much? Do you feel weird carrying it out and around?
  2. gosh, i can soo relate to you, mine will be the Gold Miroir Papillon, little bit above 1700 USD after first i was torn of to keep or not to keep, but i kept it and love it ever since. I guess how i justify about it is it will remain in my collection, and won't fall apart as easily as other brands, so in the long run, it even out the cost from many years of usage, KWIM?
    If you feel bad you didn't work, perhaps you can pick up some part time job, so you can help out on the payment too? But i must warn ya, after you past the guilty phase, you will get used to LV pricing, and think 1k is reasonable for a handbag....
  3. Sometimes I think I might be spending a bit much but I never spend more than I can afford. Plus, my LVs last for so long, so that's also a good point..keeping those in mind, I rarely feel guilty for spending what I do. Also, when my friends give me grief about it, I nicely remind them of their pricey spa trips that I never go of those trips is a nice new LV for me! I'd so much rather have something tangible than a spa day that will probably be forgotten in mere days.
  4. this is exactly why you should use it... get your money's worth.
    don't feel guilty, you work hard as a SAHM and deserve this luxury, but don't let it sit it off!:yes:
  5. The way I figure it is if my other responsibilities are taken care of, then I don't feel guilty about what I spend on anything. I don't buy a bag until the retirement funds are taken care of, the kids' education accounts are funded and the bills are paid.

    But I am not big on impulse purchases. If anything, I overthink things first, so I've usually worked out any guilt in my head before making the purchase!
  6. I just keep thinking that for $1600, I could have this one beautiful LV bag or 4-5 Coach bags, which are nice too.
  7. It's the quality and history we are paying for, besides you should feel glad you get it before the price hike!

  8. Coach is nice too, but it is not LV.;)
    (I am selling my other brand bags like Gucci, Pucci, Coach, and botkier for LV because it's worthy!:yes:)
  9. i would feel guilty too because that's my nature. i often think- sheesh between my wallet, cles, agenda and bag i'm carrying around more than 2k every day! but then i think of cost per wear and the more you use it the more than number goes down! so use it every day! enjoy it! it's a gorgeous bag!
  10. do you ever feel scared to carry around these bags, like you are gonna get purse-snatched??

    Also as I mentioned I am a SAHM, so is this purse too dressy or too nice to use as an everyday bag from someone who always wears jeans and tshirts??
  11. I personally think that you need to have your definition of "expensive" and stick to it if you want to avoid these internal dialogues about something being too pricey. For example, I won't spend more than $150 on jeans -- I don't care if they are covered with gold and make my butt look like that of a 18 yr old. More so, if it is something that I know I won't use or will be abused, then I don't spend money on it. My parents balked when I got my wallet but its something I use every day for the luggage I want, I have used cheap luggage before and have replaced it repeatedly. Why not spend more for better quality.

    In the end, set expectations and know that each of us make choices -- so don't feel bad about yours. Finally, my grandmother never had a job outside the house her entire life but she worked EVERY day raising 7 children, 4 grandchildren and countless others we "adopted" along the way. And grandma had a CRAP LOAD of LV in her closet because she deserved it!
  12. I'd pay a thousand bucks for those jeans. Minus the gold part. Just the make my butt look like that of an 18 yr old part. :yes:

    And I don't feel guilty one teeny bit. I work hard for my money, and when I was a stay at home wife (no kids yet) I worked hard for my husband's money.
  13. I honestly never do. A lot of people have designer bags these days (real or not) and unless someone is an expert, they're not going to be able to tell whether your bag is real or fake from seeing you walk by. They're not going to think, "oh hey well her bag is real so I'm going to take that one."

    Anyway my mom was a SAHM (still is technically I guess) and she ALWAYS wore just simple blazers and jeans with a cute scarf or sweaters and jeans when I was little, yet she carried her LV everyday. In her words, "a nice bag can complete your outfit."
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  14. :yes: Well said!!
  15. Aw, Rebecca, I think I love your mom....:tender: