Do you ever feel guilty after shopping?

  1. I kinda feel guilty...I just bought shiseido skincare stuff, some jewelry, a bag and some clothes...damn, I feel guiltier typing it

    help me get over it!!!!!!:wtf:
  2. sometimes I do.. but hardly!! Enjoy your new goodies!!
  3. ha, thanks!

    I usually use all coach bags, but I saw this silvery metallic "the sak" bag at macys' was awesome, wasn't too $, and perfect for my vacation coming up...I didn't want to bring a coach bag and worry about it getting ruined, lost etc....

    anyways, this could be the start of branching out to different types of bags for me :shocked:
  4. I always feel better - like if I just got back from a spa or a really intense therapy session!

    Honey, you earned your money. Be happy spending it - you're worth it!!
  5. Now that I'm older I try to spend more wisely....I used to buy and return alot because I felt guilt. Now I really try and wait and see if it something that I need vs. just an impulsive want. I've been really good at budgeting this huge splurges.

  6. It depends on how much I spend.
  7. Ditto.
  8. No, I fell blessed and grateful that I am able to shop and buy what I want.
  9. I do feel guilty. I feel I should put three times more into my ING account monthly than I do.
  10. i do... a lot. most of the time its only when i OD on one category of items. i have a really really bad jeans addiction and recently i bought 11 pairs of jeans in a span of 2 weeks - just bc they were on such awesome deals. i havent even worn most of them yet and i know i wont anytime soon since ill be wearing work clothes most of the week. =\ maybe i should return some...
  11. I do.
    I always feel guilty whenever I make a purchase. Luckily I have a very loving hubby who dotes on me and encourage me to buy all things I truly love.

  12. Yes, my husband wasn't irritated at all...sometimes he gets like that when I shop, but I usually gage how bad the spending is by his reaction....he was all good with this

    although sometimes I do like shopping w/him because he'll make me really question myself, do I really want or need this? :push:

    Well today he also reminded me, "well don't forget, that I will get a motorcycle in the near future and you can't get mad about that"

    He NEVER spends money on himself, NEVER unless I beg him to get new clothes or shoes for he deserves the motorcycle, he works hard :heart:
  13. Yes, usually I do. It's crazy, b/c I never overspend, but still, I do.
  14. Only when I spend a lot of money on something that i end up not liking for very long
  15. Sometimes I feel guilty, especially when I have "a lot" of something already. I'm about to sell most of my bags and high end cell phones, then take that money to pay for something (either a handbag or jewelery) new. Someone here recommended selling something to buy something, and I think that's a FAB idea! I know it'd assuage any feelings of guilt! My hubby is not the "go ahead and spend" type (where are these men...none of my friends' husbands are like that either), especially because we have a family and those expenses take precedence. Even if nothing needs to be paid (bills, etc) it really is better to save, I know. That makes me feel a little guilty sometimes.I guess selective spending is the best way to go. I don't ever return items, so the best thing to do is assess if you really need what's being contemplated, I shouldn't feel guilty unless you feel like you're REALLY overspending.