do you ever feel a little silly

  1. carrying so much lv? i know i've asked how much is too much before but i really have been thinking about this a lot lately. right now everything in my bag is lv. i love it all but i'm starting to think- am i crazy for having this much and using it all at once? how much do you carry at a time? do you have lots of other designers as well in your bag?

    right now in my bag i have an lv wallet, checkbook cover, trousse, conte de fees coin purse, cles and business card case. oh and a key holder. i like the fact that i have something for all my needs but a) it's a little heavy and b) it feels like too much. not to mention when i get my jack and lucie. eep!

    what do you guys think about this? i'm thinking getting a chanel card case instead just to mix it up a little.

    please tell me there are others who have all their needs met with lv (meaning everything you need for your bag) and don't worry about it.
  2. i guess i'm saying i'm feeling like i went a little overboard and do you ever feel that way?
  3. wow u sure have many LVs in your bag :heart: i think if u are happy than it's not an issue :smile:
  4. Yes, I someone asked to see something in my bag which was stuffed so in order to get to it I had to pull out my LV wallet, my LV ipod, my LV agenda, then my LV CC holder. I felt pretty ridiculos. I still, however have a Coach make up bag and Coach pill box in my bag.
  5. I have a LV wallet, cosmetic pouch and organizer...all inside my LV purse. Overkill? Perhaps... But I don't mind it.
  6. I have a LV wallet, cosmetic pouch and organizer...all inside my LV purse. Overkill? Perhaps... But I don't mind it.
  7. I know what you mean. In my duomo, I carry all the little stuff (lip gloss, ipod, PDA) in my damier pochette. I also have my Pomme Pochette Wallet, damier 6-key holder, Pomme Flat pouch, not to mention the Pomme Cles hanging on my bag.

    So, I guess my answer is Yes, I do feel I went a little overboard!
  8. Oops, double post. lol
  9. nope, don't feel silly with LV :biggrin: I just feel silly with any OTHER brand lol
  10. Well, yes, I feel that way sometimes. But, usually I only take one thing out of my purse at a time so I don't have to get too embarrased. I have a LV wallet, agenda, make-up case, key holder, pen, and cerise cles in my bag at all times. Now, If I had to pull out a few things at once in front of people I would be really embarrased, but usually, like I said, I don't so it's kinda like my little secret what's inside my bag.

    Does that sound nuts?
  11. Nah, there's no need to feel you've gone overboard with LV!

    What most people will usually see anyways is the Pomme heart hanging off my LV bag and me pulling my LV French Purse out of the bag. Nobody
    sees my 2 other LV mini pochettes, and a soon-to-get regular pochette :graucho:
  12. haha i think it's great - if i could i would! right now in my speedy (my only bag) i have a pomme agenda and framboise koala wallet. i guess some people might judge us if they see it, but whatever, people judge all the time anyways.

    the what's in your bag? thread makes it look soooooo nifty to have all matching/lv accessories. embrace it!
  13. oh thank you thank you thank you all for knowing how i feel!!!
  14. When I read your thread title, 'do you ever feel a little silly', I just had to reply, HELL YEAH!

    But no, I don't feel silly for that reason that you stated, just silly in general, lol.

    I only carry my lv bag and that's it, I carry a no name clear plastic cosmetic case and a coach wallet and hello kitty pencil case(heaven forbid a pen explosion in the precious lv). I like a little variety and am not a big fan of matchy matchy, but I think it's cool to mix it up and all and have an epi wallet in a mono bag and such. I think there is nothing wrong with toting it all lv style, whatever floats your boat, more power to you if you can own that much lv, lol.
  15. I've never really felt uncomfortable, but I only carry an LV wallet and Coach makeup case in my bag. Occasionally you can add my wapity to the mix, but I'm pretty simplistic.

    Have you thought about maybe breaking up your things inside of the bag? Maybe try some other brands? Or maybe something a little less discret? Are all the items in your bag mono?