Do you ever fall for non-designer bags anymore?

  1. For those of you that own designer bags, do you ever fall for/buy cheap bags anymore?

    I have two nice purses, they aren't insanely expensive but the nicest I've ever owned (a Kooba and a Marc by Marc Jacobs). I find myself liking other bags much less (obviously) because now I know how much nicer a quality bag is. But I was at Target the other day and saw a $17 purse that was adorable, and I might treat myself since I'm finishing up a hard semester and I'd like a cute knock-around summer bag that I don't need to worry about ruining. I'm also really broke, and on purse ban for awhile (but I'm doing that for financial reasons, so I don't feel like it's cheating since it's not a designer and is so cheap).

    I would never buy a fake, but I'll still buy a cheapie if I like it, and I think non-designer handbags have their place, too. I am just finding that I'm not as interested as I used to be, since I'd rather save for something really nice.

    How about you? If you've had a taste of luxury, do you/could you ever go back? Or are you set on high-end bags only?
  2. Non-designer bags rule! But then I don't have a designer bag so perhaps I shouldn't have answered you. :smile:
  3. Oh goodness, I like both. I will say though, once you carry a really good bag it is very hard to stay away from it for long.

    Summertime or a rainy day are great excuses to use a cute, cheapie bag. In fact, I plan to look at the bags at Target just to see what they have.
  4. I'm certainly more choosy about my bags since getting the taste for more mid-higher end designer bags. Like you I think I'd rather save up for something REALLY nice so I look less at the non-designer bags ( but that's not to say I wouldn't buy a no -name bag if it caught my eye and i had a use for it!)
  5. I still really love non-designer bags! But most of the time, even when I do like something inexpensive, I try not to buy it so I can save for a higher-end one. I mean, whenever I do buy an inexpensive bag, I only use it a few times (cuz I think, oh, it was cheap anyway) but the costs really add up! So now I try to "invest" wisely LOL!
  6. I have become more picky with bags since learning about and becoming used to owning designer bags. I was in Target a few weeks back and saw this yellow patent leather bag for only $20, I stood there for about 10 minutes holding and touching the bag. After holding it and thinking about getting it I put it in my cart, and walked around the store still wondering if I should get it or not :rolleyes: finally when I was headed to the register I put it back :lol: for some reason I just could not buy it. Maybe it was because I am trying to cut down on buying clothing, shoes, and bags that I am not gonna use :confused1:
    But I guess to answer your question, I somewhat fall for cheap bags, if that makes any sense :shame:
  7. Oh ya, I still buy "cheap" bags too !! If I like it, I buy it.....
  8. If I like it I buy it.

    But since I've been spoiled by the leather, hardware, linings, etc. on the designer bags it's hard for me to buy a cheap bag unless it's a fabric bag like canvas. I will buy no-name brands but they must be well-made and attractive.
  9. Rarely...I bought an Aldo...the bag wasn't expensive but apparently their shoes are?? I am not a shoe person, so I do not know...but I love that bag!! I saw it and had been looking for a white leather bag and saw it sitting all by it's lonesome in a mall...I had to have it!
  10. Yeah, same here. The one I'm eyeing is a canvas-y material, with just a bit of fake leather trim. I only have one fake leather bag now that I like, because it's perfect for rainy/snowy weather and fits my laptop, but I gave away/donated the others that I had.
  11. I love a pretty bag!!! Doesn't matter if it's high end or low end. I don't buy much of the middle of the road bags like Guess etc.... But for example I have a collection on silk clutches I bought for $12 a piece. They are so classy I got extras for gifts. Then I have more high end bags too. Right now I'm really into angry little girls totes $24. and Chloe $$$$
  12. Now that I have designer bags I find that I just don't care for non-designer bags anymore.

    Believe me, I've tried to convince myself that I will be better off having four $200 bags, or two $400 bags, instead of one $800 bag. I just won't listen to myself though. :shrugs:
  13. after bonnie kooba, i was a little put off by my other bags to be honest... my dooney hobo that i'm in LOVE with, i totally neglected, even in the rain kooba was out and about...

    i got over that right quick. i fell in love with another dooney and i realize that for ME it's a treat to have a more expensive bag, and i will enjoy bags of all shapes sizes flavors and prices!~

    i always frolic around TJMaxx to look at things! Nine West is TOTALLY making cute things lately... and Kathy VanZeeland is making some cute things as well, i might spluge on something dinky and cute to crash and thrash with over the summer, after i get my Orchid Dooney & Bourke Nile Line Croc Domed Satchel (what a freakin mouthful). financially, the cheaper the better for me, but taste wise you always want to spoil yourself with the best. i say buy what you LOVE!
  14. While I love designer bags, I will never overlook a 'no-name' bag that I really like the look of.

    By coincidence I just bought this 'no-name' bag today for £19.99 (about $40) as I think its so cute, and its just my style. Its like a hobo with two straps on the top. I cant wait to get it! :yes:
  15. I love the Rafe stuff at Target. So cute and so cheap!