Do you ever drink & shop?!

  1. OK, funny story... Me & a friend had a mommy's night out. Literally, all night! Hubbby's watched the kids & we headed downtown. Booked ourselves in a great hotel with a walkway to the mall. Started out the evening going to a sports bar for drinks & appetizers. Had 1 more martini than I needed:wacko: :shame: I was giddy... Then we SHOPPED! What a great evening it was, we had a blast however, I'm looking at some things & thinking to myself, "why in the hell did I buy that!?" Hubby is laughing at me but they seemed like great purchases at the time LOL.. Anyway, probably going back & doing some returns..he he Anyone else have any funny stories?
  2. lol .......
  3. I did that with a girlfriend. Booked a night at Shutters in Santa Monica went to the bar and had drinks and more drinks and this guy came and sat at the table next to us with his friend low and behold it was Christian Slater. Well who could resist! MORE drinks and lots of chatting later I ask for an autograph before we leave to dinner when he said sure where do you want me to sign I pulled down my pants and handed him my left butt cheek heheheeee!! It was sooo much fun! Stupid me I should have taken a picture of my ass before I fell in bed cuz it wore off in the night. But the next day we are out in Santa Monica having more drinks with lunch and shop shop shoppin!! We had a blast!!
  4. Cocktails and shopping is a great combination. I like to meet my girlfriends for lunch have a glass of wine, shop, have a martini and shop again. Everything seems to fit better after a couple of drinks.
  5. I try to stay away from drinking before going shopping. I tend to buy things I normally would have put back down.
  6. God dont even go there. I have a Harvey Nichols store card (exlusive designer store in Edinburgh in Scotland) every six months they close the store at night and let all card holders in to drink and shop till their hearts content. They absolutely fill you with drink and suddenly the tills are ringing (you do a lucky dip to collect a discount voucher for each transaction - can be 10% to 50%) The last 2 I have had to call husband to come and collect me and end up waking up in the morning at least £2,000 lighter!!!!
  7. OMG, I forgot to add, I bought a pair of jeans that were like 2 sizes too small for me, we were in the dressing room together giggling. I could even get these things over my ass (& I'm a size 2!) I reasoned that they were stretch & I was bloated so they would probably fit in a few days.... NOT!

    Ah well, we stopped at Godiva on our way out & I treated us to chocolate covered jumbo strawberries (which I ate in while in the Jacuzzi tub back at the hotel) Too bad I only do this MAYBE once a year. I need to pamper myself more often!:graucho:
  8. acegirl - thanks for sharing your story!! LOL!!! ekekek, i must say, i just drink at the end of a BIG shop!!! hehehehe!!!
  9. You bet I do!! Don't get me started on my Vegas trip last year, LOL...
  10. Oh my gosh! That is so funny. I was just talking to a coworker about how I love it at shows when there's alcohol. It totally loosens folks up and out come the credit cards. LOL
  11. A year ago or so, my cousin, bf and I got very drunk and proceeded to order Fight Club on DVD from Amazon. It arrived a week later and we barely remembered ordering it :shame: Glad we did, I love that movie!
  12. I find drinking and shopping to be really dangerous to my CC, but always go for cocktails with my friends AFTER we shop. Then it's easier to justify our purchases. There is nothing better than a day of shopping up Fifth Ave (starting at Saks, ending at Bergdorf's), then heading to the Star Lounge at the Ritz to rest our feet and have some drinks. Not many tourits head to the Ritz, so it's calm and comfortable. What a perfect day!
  13. Acegirl, cute story
  14. no but the last time my friends and i all went out i remember saying i wish Saks was open so i could buy a chanel...i would have done it too! but i wouldn't have survived long enough to enjoy it once i got home. :angel: so it's a good thing.

    i know hubby is worried about our vegas vacation and shopping because the shops are open late. hehe.
  15. Do you ever drink & shop?!

    Not often enough. :P