Do you ever dream about the PF?

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  1. Hah holy crap, I just remembered a dream I had the other night and I wanted to share it with you all.

    I actually dreamed about our very own ayla after I read a post of hers in the hair-wash thread where she stated that she had to wash her hair daily after coming back from the gym. I dreamed that I went into my local gym and there she was, in boxer's shorts and a wife beater, benching like 350lbs and putting up reps like crazy. I don't remember much more, but I woke up and the first thing that came to mind was "wtf was that all about".

    For ayla's sake I hope that's not the case. :lol:
  2. LOL.

    Poor ayla! I can't say I've had a PF dream, but since being here I've had numerous dreams about having lovely new purses!
  3. Haha !!!!! Thats funny, I carnt say I have had any dreams about the forum, but Im sure there coming !!!!

  4. Not so far...
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I haven't had any PF dreams so far. Surprising, considering the amount of time I spend here :shame:
  6. LOL! That's friggin hilarious :lol:

    I have had lotsa purse dreams, but no PF ones YET :P
  7. Woah.. I'm the star of a dream ! Unfortunately, I only WISH I could bench that much, I can bench the bar which is 45 lb (weak, weak girl arms).

    I've yet to have a dream about PF, but if I do have one, you guys would be the first to know ! ;)
  8. that is very funny. i havn't had any dreams yet. which strikes me as odd considering i work 12.5 hour nites and when i come home, i go straight to this awesome forum and then off to bed.
  9. LOL!

    Don't worry Ayla, I can only bench the 45lb bar too! {I don't wish to bench more tho'!}
  10. hahahaha that's so random! i haven't dreamed about the pf yet...just purses!
  11. Vlad, now we're invading your dreams Maybe you need a break from us, uh?
  12. I dont think I've had a dream about the PF that I'm aware of. But I do find sometimes I'm going to sleep and random bags flash before my eyes lol.
  13. No PF dreams, but dreams of PF bags. :love:
  14. LOL :lol::lol::lol:
    Alya nice dream wardrobe.

    I have dreams of shopping all the time, but not of PF yet.
  15. Ohhh man... and I though I'd be in his dreams?!?!

    Maybe introducing Vlad to purses was a bad idea afterall...