Do You ever Do This .................

  1. Do you ever REALLY WANT a bag that is SOLD OUT and you go on a hunting frenzy only to FINALLY give up and move on to another bag that you HAVE TO HAVE and then ...
    WHAM! The first bag shows up !?!?
    But then when it arrives you're like "Oh, this is nice, I REALLY WANT the OTHER bag more..."

    Wow, just reading this makes me realize I have serious handbag issues ... :shame:
  2. my first designer's bag obsession is LV multicolore speedy. after years, i purchased some bags from LV, balenciaga, BV, chloe. but i never really purchase a the speedy :P, the closest thing i end up with is lv cerises speedy 25 :smile:
  3. YANA. Quite a few times. :shame:
  4. Yes!
  5. been there done that have the t-shirt

    but thats why when i do my hunting i stick to sites and companies with decent return policies so i don't get stuck or screwed witha bag that i am not in love with

  6. Yeah, I was at least smart enough to buy it from NM, so I CAN return it ...

    I'm so :shame: tho, as I REALLY wanted this bag, but when I got it I just didn't LOVE it like I thought I would, darn it!
    I think I'll go take it out of the box again just to be sure ... :upsidedown:
  7. Sometimes. It usually shows up on eBay for me. I have a set amount in my head on my max price so it helps me not feel too bad about it in case I don't get it.
  8. Oh yeah.....I searched high and low all spring and summer to find this Burberry beach bag. Finally I gave up and then in late July I just happened to call my SA at Nordstrom who said..."I have the bag you've been looking for..someone just returned it." That was a good day!