Do you ever do this?

  1. You are on TPF. You look at the clock and realize how many moons have gone by.
    You say to yourself, "okay at the bottom of the hour, I'm signing off!"
    The bottom of the hour comes and you then say, "just five more minutes" then that flies by and pretty soon you are saying,
    "okay at the top of the NEXT hour I am definitely signing off!"

    Well thats what I started doing a million minutes ago. But now I am really going to at least walk away from the computer cause I gotta pack!!!!!

    Discuss among yourselves....
  2. Yes!!! All the time! I should log off and do some exercise! I just said this to myself not 5 minutes ago! At 10.00 I will log's now 10.02. Sigh!
  3. Ahaha...I do this to. I can't tear myself away from the computer, there's too many interesting things on here to read.
  4. Yes I do this all the time. And when I'm talking to DH on the couch, I'll get up and say, I'm going to check my email be right back and I wind up on the forum and then an hour goes by. He'll come and check on me and say "I thought you were coming right back", I know it's horrible. It's an addiction.:p
  5. It's now 5mins to 11. Should/Will I log off?
  6. I need to go give my self a pedicure. This forum has prevented me from doing that for the past 2 days. I always tell myself I need to get off and fix my feet...but then by the time I look at the clock again-its time for me to get off and go to sleep. *sigh* it will never end...
  7. all the stinkin' time!!!
  8. All the effing time!!
  9. All the bloody stinkin' effin' time!! I set up outlook popup reminders for things so they keep bugging me that I've got other crap to do besides post here...but it's so much fun and I love y'all so much XXXOO
  10. i get on the computer first thing in the morning. and i tell myself it's just gonna be a quick email check/board scan THEN i'll get into the shower.

    and often, i'll fight with myself. "well, if i just pull my hair back today, i won't have to blow dry and flat that gives me another 30 minutes...."

  11. Yes, it is so easy to spend hours at a time on here! Time flies when you're having fun!
  12. :busted

    Guilty as charged!
  13. yep- all the time! I feel like I should do something more productive than increasing my post count but can never pull away lol
  14. Sometimes whole mornings go up in smoke.. I have actually been late for appointments because of Tpf (which is something I hate...)
  15. Yep I am sooooooo guilty! Oops...but I love tPF!