Do you ever do things backwards?

  1. I've found that, for some odd reason, I seem to do things backwards a lot.

    When reading a newspaper article, often without realizing it I read the last paragraph first. Then I read the paragraph before it. And then the one before it. And so on.

    Recently I've been watching Seinfeld on DVD. I started with the most recent season and watched it all the way through. I then went back and watched the previous season.

    When reading posts on this board, I often start at the last page and work backwards.
  2. The only thing I can think of is I read magazines backwards. I've always done it. Don't know why.
  3. I put on my eyeliner (liquid) from the outside in. Not sure why, it just works better for me and I can get a perfect line.
  4. yea, i sometimes read magazines backwards, and also whenever Im working on some type of assignment/test for school, i tend to start with the last question
  5. I will look or read magazines backwards, too! :nuts:
  6. I read newspapers backwards usually
  7. OMG!!! I read newspapers and magazines backwards too. Lol, I thought I was the only one who did that!
  8. I usually read newspaper articles backwards to see how the situation ended. If I'm still interested and want to learn more I keep going back and back a paragraph at a time.
  9. I also read magazines backwards!
  10. I read my magazines the normal way first, and then backwards when I flip through them again.

    I also...well, this isn't really MY doing, but it's backwards compared to everyone else! Most people gain a bit of weight in the winter, and lose some over the summer. I gain weight in the summer, and lose it in the winter. It's weird.
  11. i don't know if this counts:

    the first Harry Potter book i read was The Goblet of Fire, which was a gift from my grandmother when it was first released. i fell in love with it and ran out and bought the first three books, and i figured since i started with the then-latest book, i might as well continue with the series backward. so i read The Prisoner of Azkaban, then The Chamber of Secrets, and lastly The Philosopher's Stone :lol:
  12. I'll read the ending to see if I like it and then read the beginning (or the middle). I always read Lucky magazines backwards. Yes, I'm strange.
  13. I sometimes read threads on forums like TPF backwards.
  14. i read magazines backwards
  15. I do my homework backwards. I don't like, write backwards essays or anything, I just do the last queations first.