Do you ever do the math?

  1. Well, I did the math tonight, in an effort to kind of wake myself up to how much LV I have been buying lately.

    I have no regrets whatsoever and am very happy with the things I have purchased, and I haven't spent irresponsibly or anything (I can pay for it all), but adding it all up is a bit of a shock!

    So, now that I have two bags, one wallet, one agenda with pen, and one wapity case... I have contributed $3100 to Louis Vuitton in the past six months! :Push: :sad:

    I'm kinda putting myself on lockdown for the next six months, might even have to curb my visits to the PF :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. I play dumb anytime my DH ask me how much I spent on counting for me..
  3. Oh, my husband has NO IDEA. He would probably believe me if I told him my $750 bag cost $300, and he would still wonder why it cost so much. ugh.
  4. :lol: Same here;) I don't do the math but have a rough idea of how much is spend already and need to STOP:Push:
  5. I do it all the time! I'm just that kind of person who knows how much I have in the bank, how much credit limit is left in my credit card, etc. anytime you ask me. That's why this expensive hobby of collecting designer bags is driving me nuts, but I can't help it! The important thing is spending within your means, which I am, but still I think I have to learn to be less extravagant to have bigger savings (not for bags but for my kids' future!) LOL!!
  6. I won't buy anything for myself anymore until I get a LV for each of my families and my boyfriend. I love the quality of LV, but there would be more fun to share it with the people I love. :smile: Of course, I have to save to make this goal. :smile:
  7. That's what I'm thinking of doing too. :yes: I already got a list of what I want to get for my family for Xmas. A manhattan PM for mom, a belt for dad, a wallet for lil bro and so forth. It's fun and warming to imagine how their faces will shine when they open up their gifts. :love:
  8. It's Nice When You Can Share Your Family Who Can Not Always Afford What You Can (It's A Great Feeling!).......

    Irissy ~ That Is So Sweet!!!!! :smile:
  9. In 6 mos I bought :
    Mandarin pont neuf
    white Chanel Caviar classic
    Drk red Chanel Caviar classic 2 days ago
    Damier speedy 30 1 day ago
    My dh just put me on a purse ban:lecture::hysteric:
  10. I don't even want to think about the damage that I've done at LV over the past 6 months. I just know that I can sleep at night knowing that all my hard work at my job has given me opportunities to fulfill all my wildest dreams! :yahoo:
  11. Yeah...I'm on a ban at the moment...for me the trick to a successful ban is hiding away my saving into a fund that you can't just attack on impulse, like a term-deposit or a Christmas Club account (you can only get money out from it in Nov/Dec) - it's a good way to protect yourself from...well...yourself lol!
  12. oh yes. time to start sellin'!
  13. Yes, I've done the math! Gulp...dropped a few k's in LV recently with a Speedy, Saleya, two pochettes...and a Piano and Trouville now on their merry way home to mama :lol: . But you know what? I deserve it and they will be paid off very shortly! Maybe someday my future granddaughters will enjoy them.
  14. I sat down the other day and made a bit of a 'database' for all my LV purchases... I only put in the ones I bought and kept and the ones I also sold. I put in a photo of the bag, where I bought it, what I paid, the retail value of it at this time and the date code. Then I put it into a LV box along with the tags/receipts for each bag in it's own separate little envelope.

    The funny thing is that I don't have that much! LOL! With all the buying and selling and returning, I have only 3 bags, a wallet, an agenda and a cosmetic bag. But small as my collection is, I adore them all. :love:
  15. I just did it yesturday actually! I need to spend $470 or more to get to the next thousand dollar mark lol, I have goals lol