Do you ever correct eBay sellers?

  1. I just found an auction where the seller has the name and color of a bag completely wrong. Is it rude to let them know? If they had the right name they may get more hits. I'd also be more likely to buy from someone who knows their product.
  2. I have sometimes. I don't think it's rude especially if they want to get more hits on their item, if it's mislabeled or something, it won't get as many hits.
    I've done it a few times when people aren't sure of the exact name of an item and ask for anyone to tell them what it is called, if they know.
  3. I have a specific search of an Italian designer that has two names...and I search the first name minus the second and a different search of the second name minus the first. Each week, I find about one or two with spelling errors of either the first or second name. If I have no interest in bidding (I already own one like it, etc..) I will tell the seller simply there is a typo in 'esample' and it should be 'example' and each time the seller has thanked me very much and corrected the spelling. If I am very interested in the bag, I usually say nothing...and bid with less competition.
    I am actually more interested in jewelry than bags and some sellers do not know how to photograph jewelry or small items and their pictures are a messy blur (they do not use the flower icon or macro mode, lighting is wrong, do not crop, etc) I will also email them with suggestions on better photography. And a few hours later, get a nice thank you note and see much better photos on the auction.
    I have actually met some of the nicest people on eBay and have never gotten a nasty reply. Most people just did not know that their camera could actually take great photos for eBay. Oh, I guess there may be the occasional seller who prefers bad photos as they are hiding something that a clear photo would reveal, but I have yet to run into any of those. Mostly sellers are very grateful for help in catching errors or improving photos.
    I know that I would appreciate error help on the rare occasions that I list auctions. Especially before the first bid!
  4. This is an interesting question and it is hit and miss, like everything else. I got a person who gave me a suggestion about my auction and I took it nicely. But it is not hard to find nice people doing business on eBay. Usually legit sellers will be nice because it is all about customer service. Others, when they feel that they are "caught" doing something wrong or selling a fake or misrepresenting an item, then they could be rude.
  5. I absolutley agree with the quote above, but if you have no interest in the Auction I would kindly correct the Seller.
  6. Cherry, I know what auction you're talking about, and NO, it's not wrong. I've already sent them an e-mail. Girl, we are talking NOMADE RUFFLED HOBO IN BITTERSWEET, are we not?

    That's twice in the past three days I've sent e-mail to sellers - the first time, she thanked me profusely. She was selling a Prada Tessuto keycase and describing as a Prada Saffiano keycase. I explained the difference between nylon and leather ... LOL. She'd never sold a Prada anything before and had tried to find a description of it on the Internet. The photo she found looked like what she was selling, so -. She'd been given it as a gift.

    Anyway - it's not wrong. You know your product, you send a note to the seller advising them. They want to sell their item as much as you want to buy it.:roflmfao:

    EDIT: In this case, I completely believe it is OK to let a seller know they're advertising the wrong bag, because they aren't misleading or trying to sell a fake or hiding or any of that stuff - this scream honest mistake to me.
  7. I have on rare occasions also complimented a few outstanding sellers. I have told some that their auctions are a pleasure to view or their descriptions are a joy to read. Their photos are fantastic. Some sellers' auctions are really supurb and I have let them know that I appreciate their extra effort.
    I get replies like, "you made my day" and "thanks for taking the time to tell me"
  8. i do. sometimes it's well recieved, some times it's not.

    i tried to tell a seller that something they were selling had a hole once and they totally were like no it doesn't. i was very nice about it but they ignored me. you could clearly see the hole in the pics. ah well, my guess is whoever bought it would complain but that's not my problem.

    i would so want to know if i missed something or have something listed wrong. i sometimes will say "i don't know much about this so if you do let me know!"
  9. I've had people correct me before and I've always appreciated it (they usually just let me know the proper model number and name of a bag). I've done others the same favors at times and they've always appreciated it too. I once gave a MJ seller the proper name of her bag (she had it listed as Marc Jacobs bag) and I'm sure it helped her sale.
  10. I'd be totally cool with it if someone pointed out a mistake to me. Sometimes it's hard to find the names of stuff especially if it's from a couple of seasons ago. But I guess everyone doesn't take criticism well.
  11. Heya Cherry, see, they've corrected it. I don't know how many people sent this seller a note, but he/she listened to one of us! I didn't get any response -.
  12. This is an interesting question to me. What if you correct the seller and they blow you off? Are they then misrepresenting the bag? And is there anything you can do about it?

    For example... a bag that drove me crazy the 4 or 5 times it was listed... seller had the wrong season, and stated original retail as more than twice what it really was. (Even worse, the bag didn't sell well and was literally piled on clearance tables for half price at end of season.)

    Plus, the bag had a replacement part from a completely different style. I contacted the seller and politely (I think) pointed these things out. Her response was "that is not the information I have from the consignor".

    So that was a dead end - I didn't want to harass her, but it seemed like she was knowingly misrepresenting the bag at that point. I couldn't find a way to report the listing for policy violation though - is there a way?

    So what can you do once you've let someone know their listing is in error, and they don't correct it? I mean, if it's a typo, no biggie - but when it's a factual error...? Is that a policy violation? Does it make a difference if it's a consignment seller? Should I just shrug and not care? (Yeah, probably...)
  13. I love errors in listings, esp spelling errors in the title. Great for buyers! When people find them, they bid. That way the seller can't change the title without taking the listing down.

    I will correct only if I feel sorry for the seller who has high FB and obviously goofed.
  14. Lol that reminds me..once I was buying a Primp top on ebay and I KNOW they run large so I asked the seller what size it was and that the tag will be on the side of the shirt. She goes "there is no size tag but I would guess it's a medium." So I get it in the mail and lo and behold, there is the size tag right on there on the side like I said, that said "large" and I swam in the thing, it was so big. Sigh. Lol.
  15. That's the one India! I never did say anything.

    I don't say anything if it's something I want to bid on. I've only corrected a few people and no ones gotten offended.