Do you ever check yourself?

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  1. All this talk of Coach and debt and guilt got me I put myself to work, I created a sheet that really broke my 2010 purchases down..

    I made a section for my "prospects" "purchases" "gifts" "returns" and "sold"...

    It was really interesting to see all the action that has taken place in one short month!

    And, it was also a giant reality check for myself. It doesn't seem to be as massive as it is when you take it in small doses...$50 here, $200 there...but as the numbers ran into the 4 figures and inched towards the 5 figures I started to sweat. It's only been 38 days!!! I have to face the fact that I have problem!!!

    Seeing it in black and white, laid out in a very no nonsense way has helped me see that I need to cut back, at least for February. But, on a high note, the women's shelter will be getting a pretty amazing haul!!

    So my question you keep a running tab of your purchases, or do you have a strict don't ask/don't tell policy when it comes to Coach...
  2. I keep a Coach spreadsheet for myself.
    All purchases go on it.
    I have a column for where the item was purchased, if it's for me or for a gift, the orig price, the price I paid, the style number, etc.

    All documented.
    I'm just like that, lol.

    I like to see the total of the retail prices vs what I've paid.
    That's the bargain hunter in me.
  3. I have a list of every purse with pictures for my home owners insurance and I have a list of what I think I could get for each one and what I paid. it's not pretty but no one sees it but me.
  4. I keep all the receipts, care cards and tags in a Coach gift box in my nightstand. My collection is revolving all the time. I am currently purging some more items from my collection, and am banned from buying bags (but the very occasional accessory purchase is allowed, LOL). I have a couple bags that are NWT and never used that I will NEVER use, so I need to return them. For a while last fall, I was out-of-control, but I have gotten a grip on things and am being more responsible. It's easy to lose track of things when you are buying an item at a time, though, that's true. :biggrin:
  5. LUCKILY, in the past 38 days I've kept it under $2K (my little budget counter is shot!) But in all fairness, I am selling a BIG something to fund a new BIG something... so I guess that takes it all down to $700ish... (which was PRE ban) So I'm still at $27.43 left for my ban lol
  6. I've always done the homeowners pictures and things like that...but I've never gone, month by month, and broken it down. It was a SHOCK.

    My husband told me I basically worked a week for Coach...which is true. I've spent almost half a paycheck on my "collection" this month which isn't some I'd ever done before. And to be honest, it's not something I ever saw myself doing.

    All in all, it's been a wake up, I have to learn to walk away better!

  7. WOW! I am so impressed by you!!!
  8. 90046, I do that too! :smile:
  9. I got crazy this past month spending more than 2K for bags. I love my bags and have never sold any. I think its time to start rethinking about what I buy and what I need...

  10. I told you how do to that - try it again and really think about it before you put back in closet
  11. I do keep a spreadsheet of all my purchases, even the little ones. I do need to take a picture of each one.... in fact, I think I should go around and take pictures of all my rooms for home insurance purposes. Oh, the things we do...
  12. I just take pictures as I get something new in. I have original tags on most of them and receipts in the bags as well. Might be better to keep them separate in case of a fire I guess but I have basic renter's insurance. My collection cost way more than I want it to be but I got great deals and I'm more of a collector than anything else. I haven't shopped lately cause nothing really catches my eye - which is good. If I'm itching to shop, I concentrate on the ones I've wanted for a while but just never got it yet.
  13. I have a spread sheet too, I think overall I've paid about 30% or less than what the MSRP was.

    And it is a reality check to see all my little guys on there in black and white.
  14. I don't really "keep track", but I don't buy/sell/trade like I used to. I've pretty much put a stop to that over the past 6 months-1 year. I have mentally gone through and somewhat tallied all of my past purchases and i'm ashamed by them...I had so many bags go through and I regret getting so caught up in the whole thing.

    When you start to think a bag you've had for 2 months is "old", you need to reevaluate!!
  15. I've never thought of keeping a spreadsheet. I know my purchases really increased once I joined tPF, but I got it back under control when I realized what I was spending vs. how often each bag was being used (if at all). I'm back to making better choices and not have so many bags (although I do slip up once and a while!). I think keeping a spreadsheet is a really good idea. I'm going to give that a try!