Do you ever change your mind about a bag, and change it back?

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  1. When the Aurelia GM first came out, I really, really wanted it. I looked at it 3-4 times, but kept deciding against it...DH was with me on one of the early trips, and then on the trip I got it. He said..."that is a good bag for you, you like your vuittons, but end up using your white coach tote alot because of the size, right?"

    So home it came, (this sounds really bad) and ended up in the gift closet where it sat, in the box for almost 3 months, poor thing, I took it out a couple of times, and felt so bad...ugh! I should have never got this....

    Well, DH has been gone (business trip) so I have been doing some major cleaning/reorginization and out she came....I used for the first time yesterday....and I love it! I don't know what was wrong with me.:upsidedown: ..I opened the sides, and it is the perfect tote size.

    Has this ever happened to you?
  2. I did that with the Manosque GM. I bought it & thought it was too big, so I took it back w/o ever using it & bought the PM. A while later I realized that I loved the larger size & rebought the GM. I only rushed to buy it the first time so I could beat the price hike & dumb me ended up paying the new price anyway.
  3. This happened with the MC speedy. I lusted after it forever...saw it and changed my mind...thought it was too big. Then I changed my mind after buying a speedy 30 in mono. Now just today I bought it!
  4. I have the monsaque GM too, another one I don't use enough....That's it I am going to resolve to use the bags that are lonely more!
  5. You're going to love it! Mine is one of my most used bags!
  6. Oh, I had questions about the manosque PM vs. GM....How much differnce is size is there? Is the GM really large? Are they both comfortable and useable? I was considering this for my first damier as I want a tote style. Thanks! If you have any pics wearing it, that would be great!
  7. There is a huuuuge difference in size. The PM is more of a smallish speedy 25 size & the GM is like a large, really large shopping tote. I love both of them, but the GM is more useful for shopping & anytime you need to haul all of your stuff around.
  8. OK, wow! I would never have imagined there was such a difference in size between the two. That helps me a lot.
    I will add them to my ever growing list of bags to check out IRL! :nuts:
    Thanks so much again!
  9. Sometimes. I have tons of kate spade and Coach that I got jsut because they're pretty.
  10. yes yes twinkle...I exchanged my PH for and LH which I adore but, now need a shoulder evening bag so I want the PH is tight and I owe cc debt so, no more bags for some time...will get the pouchette extender which is a 110 dollars and use my pouchette accessoire for evenings out....eventually would love a PH but, do not need one so I will just be happy with what I have...made in a few months I can find a mint con'd one...I hate used but, hate cc debt and big bills even more...I want so many LV's I just keep thinking about what I owe and that keeps me in line...1k for a bag just insanity when you are the working average joe/jane....where do I get my expensive taste??? I must loose it....
  11. Mine is the Speedy 30... bought it new in May, didn't keep it. Bought one used for the patina this summer and then sold it on ebay a month ago...

    My brand new Speedy 30 from elux will be here tomorrow. :shame:
  12. We are a wishy-wasy lot aren't we :shame: :lol:
  13. Wow, hopefully third times a charm! ;)
  14. I bought the Mono Mini Josephine PM in khaki TST twice! DH bought it for me originally about 8 9 years ago and I didn't like it - went back to exchange it for a Mono Pochette Accessoires and a Mono Musette Tango.

    He just bought it again for me this year as I am in love with the khaki TST line! Besides, he tells me now that he was quite hurt when I exchanged it.
  15. Yes - but they say it's a woman's perogative to change her mind right?!

    I'm also like twiggers - a MC speedy 30 - but for me in white instead of black. I've LOVED this bag since the first time I laid eyes on it and grew to love it even more - loved that Newlyweds episode where JS brings it camping with her! too funny..

    Anyways, about a year ago I talked myself out of it due to price. At that price I was thinking another bag like a Chanel would be more timeless and more value for the money - but about a month or two ago I saw the most perfect one in the store and I can't stop thinking about it! I don't have a speedy yet and I believe every girl should have one... really the cost isn't so bad if it means that this will be my speedy and I'll "save" the $600 or so by not getting one in mono, damier, or mini lin right? :graucho: heehee.. talk about justifications eh?