Do you ever catch yourself not listening when...

  1. you really should be?

    Someone is talking to you. You're paying attention at first...everything is smooth sailing :supacool: ...and then it happens.:rolleyes: The low attention span kicks in. You hear words, you see their mouth moving, but then you start thinking about other things. (I wonder if I left the stove on? No, no...I didn't use the stove this morning, I used the microwave...I need to pick up something for dinner, gotta stop at the ATM...Look at those boots! Damn...what is he/she saying? Damn...don't look away. DON'T....LOOK....AWAY... :shocked: If you look away, he/she will suspect something. :shocked: )

    Then, the person stops talking for a second and says, "Right?" (Nod your head and say "Yep." :girlsigh: Wow...I hope this wasn't something really important. :angel: ) Then, they start talking some more. (Whew. I'm going to listen this time. That is so messed up. I really need to stop doing this. What time is it? Oh no...I'm missing Project Runway again. Wait....I can catch it on a rerun. :wlae: I love Bravo...they show that joint about 50 times before...wait...what was he/she saying? :shame: )

    This is easier to play off on the telephone. The other day, I participated in a 20 minute telephone conversation. I have absolutely no idea what 15 minutes of the conversation was about...But the other person seemed okay with it.

    I don't mean for this to happen...but sometimes, I just zone out. Unless it involves life, death or unreceived shipped items, I just don't have the energy to always listen.
  2. I do this all the time :rolleyes: When I was in the university I didn't bother showing up for lectures, it was a total waste of time for me. My husband is the same, it got so bad we made up a word to get each others attention when really needed.
  3. :P I do this all the time!
    I caught myself doing this when my lil brother was asking me a question yesterday. I literally had to tell him to ask me later I just couldnt focus. I am pretty good at pretending to listen though :supacool:
  4. LOL I do that..or late at night, I"ll be on the phone and doze off, and say strange things and then I get them all confused...I guess that's worse?
  5. I zone out but yet some how I do retain large chunks of what's being said. G-d only knows how.
  6. Me too, makes me think my attention span is low
  7. I do it a lot when my BF is talking (he talks so damn much)...about video games, sports, magazines, work, the list goes on and on. Don't get me wrong I love him to pieces and am glad he's vocal, but sometimes it can become a little much especially when it's late in the evening and I'm exhausted.

    Just the other day he was talking about something in the car and I found myself thinking about my bbag and the pf then dozed back into consciousness and coul not remember what the heck he was talking about...I know, I'm horrible, but I try not to do it too often. (LOVE YOU BABE!)
  8. :shocked: Huh??
    I'm sorry, were you saying something?:shrugs:

    Yes, I totally check out sometimes! Especially if it's DH telling me about the tax advantages of selling our home or sports!:throwup:
  9. Only when my husband is talking about computer stuff! I follow it for a while, then my eyes glaze over....:lol:
  10. I tend to do this when my BF is :rant: or he overtalks a topic... i automatically zone out.. Then sometimes he catches me and then he'll start asking me questions about what he was just saying... LOL :lol: But thankfully he doesn't do either of those often.
  11. I do this... with my boyfriend a lot... and also with my boss... two of the more important people in my life. LOL
  12. Yes, only when people are going on about something in detail that is just not exciting.
  13. LOL! I do this all the time. How do you control it?? I try to listen but sometimes my brain doesn't want to!
  14. i do this alot too! i'll really be into the conversation at first but then my mind starts to drift off...and then the person asks what i think about what he/she said and then i get all confused! haha
  15. I do it all the time too! I find though if the person's voice is irritating to me, i tend to drift off easier...or just get annoyed.

    I had a bf who liked to talk until the middle of the night about the most random things and I would just nod and pretend to listen. I've fallen asleep on the phone a few times too.