Do you ever catch yourself buying just becuase of the name?

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  3. Sometimes I'm reminded of the old fable of The Emperor's New Clothes when talking about high-end designers. You've been told how wonderful they are so often that you buy into it, no matter what hideous crap they might put out there.

    Fashion, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. A $1,000 nylon bag with a name logo on it may make you look like a fashionista to some and like a fool to others.
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    Hi all:

    I went to lunch and shopping with a bunch of friends yesterday and it really made me think about why I buy certain bags. What provoked it was a Prada nylon tote on sale for the price of $600 when it was regularly $1200. Everyone was clammoring on the good buy for a Prada on sale, and I immediately wanted to grab it and buy it, but then stopped and couldn't rationalize paying that much for canvas. It got me thinking are we buying for the name or the craftmanship? I am as big of a designer ho as anyone and love my Gucci and Chloe bags, but do you find yourself turning your nose at other brands because of the label? I am a big fan of Hayden Harnett and Furla bags, but some of my friends would not be caught dead with them. No offense to anyone meant.

    So here is my question -- Shakespeare said that which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet. Does the same hold true in your opinion for designer bags?
  6. This is so true!! Sometimes I look at some of the fashions from fashion week especially in NYC and think if the designer name wasn't attached, people would think you found that bag in the trash because it is so horrible looking.
  7. There are certain brands I have a mental block against. I don't care what others carry, but I would not carry them no matter what.

    Then there are brands that I would pay more for because of the brand. But it's not a "Hey look at me! I have a Prada bag!" thing. It's an "I love Prada and this was a great deal" thing.

    I wouldn't spend $600 on a nylon Prada, but on a leather one? Hell yes I would. Would I spend that much on a no-name leather bag? No. I see classic designer bags as an investment.
  8. I think I find myself doing a variation of this. I have certain designers that I follow and pretty much buy whatever they make. Sometimes I'm about to buy something and I'm like, "wait a minute, I don't really like that, and I wouldn't have even stopped to look at it if it wasn't made by XXXX.":push: I call it a variation because I do this with random designers, like Botkier and Rebecca Minkoff, not with designers that would usually garner this kind of following. I guess I'm an oddball!:shrugs:
  9. When I first married, I moved into a social circle different from where I'd come from, so needed to learn a lot about bags. A kind woman took me under wing and told me to buy LV and Chanel bags only. :hrmm: She was doing me a favor, and it worked. I don't regret those years. After a while, I would hear women talk about different designers and I would buy those bags, too, figuring they must be "classy" bags. Did I mention I was impressionable and eager for approval? :shame: Eventually, though, I realized I didn't like a lot of what I was carrying around, and that I was gravitating toward certain types of bags in terms of leather, design elements and style. Since then, I love looking at ALL bags and finding the ones that speak to me and make me look great. :wlae: It's all about me, you see, not the bags. As it should be. :tup:

    So no, I don't buy because of the name anymore. Sometimes I buy a "name" bag, but it's because I love the design. But if I love the design and the quality is there, I'll buy anyone's bag!
  10. More often than not, the name, esp. as it relates to luxury brands, is a turn-off for me because all too often people equate that with status/$$$ and this is a turn-off for me. As a general rule, I do not buy bags that have predominate names/logos featured on the bag. I look at the form/design and quality of materials to make my buying decision. Granted, there are many luxury brand handbags that fit this description, but there are also many other bags that are not as well known that definitely fall into this category.

    And I concurr, beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder!
    And I love what you said LadyLinda...."I love looking at ALL bags and finding the ones that speak to me and make me look great. It's all about me, you see, not the bags. As it should be." SPOT ON!
  11. I'm tempted to buy because of the name, but in the end I 'm a goal achiever and will only buy what I've decided after long thought, and only if I really really like. That's the reason I don't have many bags, I like too few... No matter the brand, the hype or the good price, if it is not on my list its a no no.
  12. sometimes yes I am guilty of this, but I am trying to get better and buy stuff that doesn't just show off a label. I find that sometimes I get more compliments because people want to know what purse I am carrying when there isn't a monogram all over it to give it away. I always get compliments on Hype because people aren't too familiar with that brand.
  13. I am guilty of loving things because they are "designer." Have to try to get myself put of this habit, because it's an expensive habit, and there are plenty of nice things to be had at lesser price points.
  14. Many people here have a version of this ailment. They won't buy ugly bags by big designer names, no matter how on sale they are. However, many people wouldn't buy a low-priced unknown or unfavored brand, either, regardless of the quality or craftsmanship. So there is definitely some version of bag snobbery going on. A lot of people claim that the craftsmanship is so superior on the designer bags, but how can we know when we rarely even glance at lower-priced bags?

    I am guilty of this to an extent, too. I have brands I prefer over others and I tend not to shop certain lower-priced brands because of my preconceptions or stereotypes about them. It is almost impossible to completely remove psychology from designer purchases.
  15. That's so true. Bags are only part utility. The rest is a richly individual and complex psychological connection. Certainly there are brands I look at just because of past experience, or because they have a lot of buzz. "Oh, a new Jimmy Choo! I just have to see that!" And I will, every time. I may be past having to buy a Jimmy Choo just because it is a Jimmy Choo, but I'm not at all past being drawn to the brand! Branding is an important driving force in our obsession, but so too are perceptions (leather vs. canvas, for example, or about hardware) we've accumulated over the years.