Do you ever catch yourself buying a bag just because of the name?

  1. Hi all:

    I went to lunch and shopping with a bunch of friends yesterday and it really made me think about why I buy certain bags. What provoked it was a Prada nylon tote on sale for the price of $600 when it was regularly $1200. Everyone was clammoring on the good buy for a Prada on sale, and I immediately wanted to grab it and buy it, but then stopped and couldn't rationalize paying that much for canvas. It got me thinking are we buying for the name or the craftmanship? I am as big of a designer ho as anyone and love my Gucci and Chloe bags, but do you find yourself turning your nose at other brands because of the label? I am a big fan of Hayden Harnett and Furla bags, but some of my friends would not be caught dead with them. No offense to anyone meant.

    So here is my question -- Shakespeare said that which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet. Does the same hold true in your opinion for designer bags?
  2. I like premier designer bags very much, but I realize that a lot of what I'm paying for is the name. I love the workmanship and materials, so if I really love a bag (even after weeks of waiting, thinking, and debating), I will buy it. There are a LOT of premier designer bags that I think are ugly and wouldn't carry even if they were almost free. I think people get tricked into liking things especially if they are a "good deal." Good for you for taking a step back to question the mindset of the masses. :smile:

    I also saw a Furla bag I like, recently. I'd never looked into the brand before, but I may just get it bc it is the style and not the name that should matter, IMO.
  3. I bought a furla a couple weeks ago that I absolutely :heart::heart::heart: I sometimes get caught in a *insert name here* but i don't like any of the styles. I usually get over it pretty quickly, but can see how easily I could fall into something like that.
  4. I have been carrying Furla for over 5 years, sometimes I actually get into a Furla daze! I know what you mean though, I see a lot of good deals on high end designer bags when I'm out shopping in Nordstrom Rack, T J Maxx and Filenes Basement, even on Yoox, but at the end of the day if I don't love the bag then I'll never use it and it's money wasted - therefore not a good deal.
    I've got my eye on a few Marc by Marc Jacobs and Coach bags, and it is partly about the name, but I'm waiting for the ones I really want rather than just buying the first ones I see in my price range. Which may take forever but I will have the best of all worlds.
  5. If I don't like the style I won't buy it. If I do like the style and it's one of the designers I like, it makes it even harder to resist. (Did that make sense?)
  6. initially, i was in the name brand, but now, it's the name and the style =)
  7. No! If I don't like it, I'm not buying it just for the name and to be seen with it. As a matter of fact, obvious designer labels kind of embarass me. I'll spend money on a bag, but I don't need anyone to know how much I spent!
  8. I often look at something originally because of the name, but if I don't like the style, I won't buy it! I like to stick with brands I know I'll like.
  9. i have to like the style first, the name is just a perk/plus. as for buying it because its a good deal, i'm sure we've all done that before but when it comes to spending 600+ a sale isn't a sale unless you really really like it and will use it. (and the sale makes the price reduce to like... 50 bucks or lower. hahahha, then maybe i'll buy it b/c its super cheap)
  10. ITA with this. I'm very partial to Chanel, but there are certain Chanel designs that I really don't like. I would never buy any of these said designs JUST because they're Chanel, even if they're at a great price.

    If I buy it, I have to love it, regardless of the brand name.
  11. I get bags whose styles grab me. Once it has my heart fluttering, then I check for the designer, and then price. If the bag doesn't get my attention, or I'm wavering over it, I leave it. If it's too expensive, I just visit it often.
  12. I'm easily swayed into a bag I would probably turn down immediatly but wouldn't just because of the brand... despite that I do find some LV bags that I don't like so I can't be completley into just brand!
  13. i'm often swayed by the name, to the point where i don't carry some of my no-name bags in my collection anymore, which is a real shame :sad: but "the name" might be enough to get me to stop buying some bags, but not enough to justify an entire purchase. its good to step back and say, "hey! i'm still shelling out hundreds/thousands for something I don't love, just because its on sale and its a ______ bag!"
  14. Guilty!
    I not only buy the name but the specific name of a bag! I have an LT 'Paris" and an LT "Belfast", 2 cities I love so I got the bags with those names for the style :shrugs:
  15. I'll only buy a bag if I love the style, but if I'm the fence about one, I have to admit the name does sway me.