Do you ever carry the LV mini pochette alone?

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  1. The subject line explains it all. ;)

    I don't bring anything with me when I got out... just my cell phone and (small) wallet.

    Do you think it looks dinky? :sad:
  2. I personally use the pochette..but I think the mini is adorable..although never saw it in person..if it fits what you need, why not? Ya don't see many people using the mini..and I think that is the beauty of it (aside fromthe obvious) Do you have any pics with you using it? I would love to get an idea of how it looks.
  3. I bought the mini over a year ago and have only used it 5-6 times since. When I do use it, I use it on its own. It can fit my broome and card holder but thats it. My cell has to go in my pocket hence why I don't use it much. It is Very cute though!!
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