Do you ever carry just your wallet?

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  1. I usually just carry a clutch never a my question is, do you ever carry just your wallet without a purse or anything?

    If so is there a particular style of wallet that can be carried like this? (for instance: colorful ones, fun-looking ones, plain simple ones, etc)?
  2. Not me because I'm afraid of losing it but I see a lot of people do that. It's smaller than a clutch but still a wallet.
  3. how bout a continental wallet? Do younger (20s) people do that too?
  4. I rarely just carry my wallet out but when I do, it's only my LAMB glazed green clutch wallet. So it's a larger and roomier sized wallet and it's bright and colourful.
  5. I carry my cles, which I use as a wallet. It has all I need to run quick errands.
  6. I used to - but then I would misplace it!!
    So that's kind of what got me into bags.
  7. Sometimes, if I'm going somewhere quick. Like a big envelope-style one.
  8. Yep! I have a Tusk continental wallet that has a wrist strap. It's black pebbled glossy leather. I also use my Chanel WoC. It's a wallet! It's a clutch! But it doesn't slice or dice.
  9. All the time. I often don't even carry a full wallet - just a card case with id, one key CC and a $20 or $100 bill. If I'm not planning on doing any significant shopping, that's all I need and much less to carry/lose.
  10. No, I always carry a bag of some sort. If I carried just my wallet, I'd lose it for sure.
  11. I do, but only for quick errands.
  12. I do - when I go to the market or for errands (e.g., picking up dry cleaning, grocery shopping, coffee run). Mine is a Prada continental wallet (the zipped around kind) so I never worry about stuff falling out.
  13. Same with others, I only carry just my wallet when I run quick errands or go somewhere directly to purchase something and not browse.
  14. Yes, but only when I run into the library or post office.
  15. Yes - I have a Marc Jacobs clutch wallet and I carry it by itself a lot!