Do you ever buy Two Identical Bags?

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  1. I just wondered if anyone else has ever bought two identical bags in a style that they knew they loved. Especially a limited edition or discontinued style.

    I personally LOVE the white MC Sologne bag, and wear it all the time.

    I'm pretty good about keeping my bags dry, so I usually don't have to worry about rain water marks. Perspiration, on the other hand, is much harder to control.

    If I am wearing a cross-body shoulder bag and walking a long distance, I inevitably get some sweat stains on the vachetta. But when people walk long distances, they perspire. Nothing anyone can do about that.

    Even though LV bags are so well-made that I'm sure they will last for several years, I figure that they are going to wear out eventually (I have no idea when).

    For this reason, I recently purchased a "like new" white MC Sologne to hold onto for whenever my original Sologne starts to look worn out. Plus, I figure it's best to buy it now, before prices go up even more.

    Am I the only person on here who has ever purchased two identical bags? Or do others do so, for the reasons I have listed above? I'd love to hear any feedback or experiences.

    Part of me wishes I'd purchased an entirely new style of handbag, but I do like to stay with what's tried and true. The Sologne is my perfect bag, so it only made sense to buy a back-up.

    Does anyone know if LV bags last "forever"? Or do they eventually wear out after several years? (I know it varies from person to person and depends on how careful people are with their bags. I try to treat my bags very well, so I'm guessing that they will last for several years. They probably start to look worn out at some point, though, right?

    Thanks for any info or experiences!
  2. Nothing lasts forever. I don't buy two of the exact same bags but I do buy the same style in different colors and patterns.
  3. i am have bought same design in diff pattern
  4. I've never bought two identical bags but have three Noes with different colors and sizes. Does that count? :smile:
  5. I would hesitate to buy a white bag to keep for a few years in storage as back up... My White items seem to have an uncanny ability to turn yellow, even when they're completely new and haven't been worn... Happened to a few of my items.

    Why don't you send your bag to the bag spa for a thorough cleaning, and straight after have the spa do a protective coating over the bag which will protect it from water and stains? Buying a backup of the exact same bag in the same color seems a bit of a waste to me... For items less than $100 I sometimes buy backups as well, but not for items more than $1000...
  6. I would actually use both of them in rotation. Not only to you extend the life of both bags, you get to know you are not using one to death :smile: Sort of like shoes, they both last twice as long.

    I have two inexpensive non-LV. They are exactly the same style and color, I got the second one on sale and it was too good to pass up. I rotate them as one has a slightly looser lock mechanism, I use that one when I know I might be rough on the bag due to exertion or activity and don't mind if it got banged up.
  7. Sounds like a good plan for rotation and sounds like this arrangement suits you well! In that case I say go for it. I understand the feeling of really liking an item and wanting to have a replacement/ extending the life of it and I would feel awful if I wasn't able to replace it anymore. Wear it in good health! :smile:
  8. If you love the bag that much, I like the idea of having a plan in place. I've never purchased the same identical bag. But I do have several speedy bags in different sizes and prints. I just love the style. :speedy: Post a mod pic of the bag that you :love: so much. I want to see. :popcorn:
  9. No I wouldn't.I would pay to have handles and pipping replaced.
  10. I agree with the others, rotating the bags sounds like a better idea! But I do not think it is silly in general to buy two of the same style. You know what you like!
  11. No i would'nt buy the same bag. Maybe in the same bag but different pattern. :smile:
  12. Nuh uh.. maybe the same style but in different colors. Eying both the alma vernis mm in amarante & pomme d'amour! :biggrin:
  13. Haven't done it yet. But never say never. I have speedies in diff sizes and pattern.
  14. I love the eva so much i have it in mono and ebene.
    I want an azur eva too.
    But if you're asking me if i ever intend to buy another mono eva...i don't think so.
    For now, i guess.
  15. yup,i buy cabas antiqua mm in blue and fuchia,in gm size (brown).