Do you ever buy Chanel-style inspired items (without CC logo)?

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  1. Curious to see what people think about items that are not *as* obvious as Chanel knockoffs, but maybe don't have the logo or do have similarities such as diamond quilting?

    I think I'm familiar enough with Chanel bag styles that I wouldn't buy any unbranded bag that looks close to something Chanel produced. I've seen obvious inspired bags from Forever21 that look like the Reissue and Medium Flaps. When I was younger and had no idea about Chanel styles, I realized that a bag I once had was a pretty close replica to a Chanel that's been discontinued. Had I known I probably would have never bought it.

    In general, I'm so attracted to diamond quilted items and do buy things like jackets, bracelets, and gold chain trimmed accessories that are very Chanel-esque. I try to draw the line where I only buy authentic Chanel bags, but for everything else I have some flexibility because of affordability (to save for more bags!).

    My latest purchase...I'm a little unsure how I feel about it and have a little buyer's remorse. I bought some Steve Madden espadrilles that are quilted and have the color blocked toe. In my mind they do stick out to me as clearly Chanel inspired but they don't have the logo. But, espadrille flats are so on trend that so many other brands have them, therefore I think it's acceptable.

    What are your thoughts and do you draw the line anywhere?
  2. I would wait and purchase the real thing. There is nothing wrong with mixing high and low pieces but shoes (and bags) would not be the thing I would compromise on.
  3. There are a lot of look-a-likes and inspired Chanel/Hermes items in the market these days.
    Personally, no matter how upscale branded they are (Steve Madden/Zara etc) , for as long as they are not the real supposed designer of the style, I wouldn't get it.

    It tends to bring down the whole look , especially when you pair it off with a genuine piece of Chanel or Hermes.

    This is 1 main reason why I stay away from Re-issues, coz there are lots of re-issues look-a-likes coz of its turnlock. Sad to say.
  4. I think you can overdo the whole designer thing-Chanel shoes, bags, jewelry-sometimes it can be a bit much. Price point is also a factor. When you look at a pair of Chanel espies, we all know it can't cost that much to make a pair! It doesn't hurt to mix and match and I think it makes your outfit more interesting.

    Personally I'd focus on a few designer pieces with any outfit as long as the other items are quality. A little designer goes a long way toward elevating any look. It's equally as important that your clothing fits well and is comfortable, shoes are clean and well kept, and you don't pile on the jewels. This also contributes to looking stylish.

    There are lots of copies out there often sold from the same stores-Nordstrom for example sells Rockstud shoes as well as Halogen Rockstud inspired. I'd rather buy something that is not trying to copy any designer look too closely. It's fun to find unique items that help develop your own style.
  5. If I like the design but don't need the quality.. Eg clothing, costume jewelry etc, I'd buy the inspired ones but NOT with bags. For bags, I only buy the real thing.
  6. I've picked up Chanel inspired designs by Kate Spade and other designers (not knockoffs) they are gorgeous but I've yet to purchase any.
    "Awww but they are not the same" - my husband would say.
    I think Chanel bags are just that much more special.
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    Last edited: Apr 7, 2016
    Yes I have bought Chanel-inspired stuff by other brands as a young teen in the 80's. I didn't like the CC lock but liked the quilting, chain strap, cap toe ballet shoes and the gold chain belt. It was trendy at the time and as a student there's no way I would spend $$$ on luxury items. The items were offered by most stores and most people were buying them.

    Would I do it now? If I am still a young adult with limited funds then sure. I encourage my daughter and nieces to experience with fashion and have fun with it. There's no way they can afford the $$$ of luxury items, so it's places like H&M, Zara, Club Monaco, and Gap they go. As an older person, I'm more careful with what I buy. I don't like wearing head to toe in any branded items. Mixing is fine. I have some jackets that are Chanel-like and I'm fine with that until I buy the real deal in person. Don't like buying clothes online.

    Every designers get their inspirations from someone else. Even some of the top premier designers get their inspirations from independent designers. KL have done this several times. While it's nice to buy only the original luxury brands, most people cannot afford it.
  8. Mostly not, but I'm open to buying tweed jackets and espadrilles since I don't think those items are exclusive to Chanel. Other ones that are really close to the design, no.
  9. Personally, I wouldn't, but I'm not against it
  10. I personally wouldn't.

    Unless it was something more general as another member mentioned above, such as tweed jacket and espadrilles.
  11. I wouldn't buy a look-alike bag but I would buy the espadrilles. While I can afford the Chanel espadrilles, I cannot justify the cost...especially since I'd be wearing them for things like running around with my kids...which, for me, does not demand $600+ shoes. To each their own.