Do you ever buy a scarf that you love, but never wear?

  1. Ever since the scarf "Les Toits de Paris" came out last fall, I loved it and bought it in the navy color way. See picture below from Koukanamiya.

    However, I just can not seem to find a way to wear it. I wear a lot of browns, camel, black with dark green and dark red in the winter, which all seem to clash horriblely with this scarf.

    It's been 4 months and it hasn't come out of its box. Last year the same thing happened with "Les Jardins D'Armenie" which I also have in dark blue. I haven't worn it yet.

    I've been thinking of taking it back and exchange for a different colorway. Or even something completely different. But I am afraid of regretting it. I exchanged "Turandot" when it first came out, I regret that decision till today. Plus, I kept hearing that navy/dark blue is one of the most classic colors in scarves, why am I having so much trouble finding use for it?

    Your opinion is greatly appreciated!

  2. I can't open your photo..but, yes I have bought scarves that I did not wear for a long time. If you really love the scarf, then build an outfit around the scarf, rather than making the scarf fit your usual clothes...or sell the scarf and get another.
  3. The only scarves I have in my collection that I don't wear are the really valuable ones, and I DO pull these out from time to time. As far as not wearing any due to the colourway, I have "Rencontre Oceane" in lavender, and I never wear it - it makes me look ill! LOL!!

    Yur scarves would look fabulous and crisp in Summer paired with a white collared shirt, or t-shirt. Navy also looks really lovely with palest pink, and can look very good with a fresh, vert anis-type green, too. It can look very striking with red...but I don't know if I'd be game to go there...too many memories of my Qantas Uniform, I'm afraid - LOL!

    Do you love the designs? If you do - keep them. If not, sell or exchange them for something that suits your colouring and's a SIN to keep Hermes silks in a drawer!! LOL!!
  4. I have many scarves that have yet to see the light from their boxes, but given that H scarves never go out of style, I know that at somepoint I would be able to wear them with something.

    However, I also have purchased a scarf without knowing what I was going to wear with it and then purchased a top or pants to go with it aftr the fact....

    I can't see your pic, but if it is the same one on the H website in blue, that could easily go with balck, grey, ivory, or red. What color handbags do you carry? Could you tie it on them?

    Often the way you fold a scarf, brings out colors that if it is foldd another way are not obvious. In other words, fold it one way and you see more blue. Fold it another way and you see more gry.

    What about having it framed? Is there a room in your house that could use soem H artwork?
  5. I love the navy/black combination!:love:
  6. Hey Tods - I don't wear my Apricot RO - I only tie it to my bags....perhaps your will be nice on your bags?
  7. ^ LOL...posted at the same time!!
  8. I bought the London-Paris scarf which I adore. I don't, however, wear full size scarves and this one is being framed right now.....

  9. That scarf would look fabulous with a red sweater!!!!!
  10. I think I fixed the pic problem ...

    Grand Fonds, indeed I can see it as a nice scarf with a white shirt in the summer, however I almost never wear scarves in the summer. I don't know how the ladies do it in Paris, I just know that the way I sweat in our summer here is going to ruin the silk for sure.

  11. GF,

    Stop teasing me with all those RO scarves you don't wear!!!!!!:drool: :p
  12. LOL.....if I ever sell them, I'll let you know! I don't really wear the Apricot one, either....the black gets a workout, though...I need another......*gulp*....
  13. Again, mostly browns and occasionally brighter colors like red and green.

    Are you sure? Blue and orange going with red? And my reds are not bright, they are dark red which I usually pair with brown/camel skirts or pants.
  14. Yup, my coral Turandot--doesn't suit my skintone at all, but I collect them so I want them all. And a beige Axis Mundi that I'm only recently finding ways of wearing; too beautiful to give up though. I feel your pain about the Turandot you exchanged--what colorway was it? Please don't say red.

    I love your Toits colorway--how about wearing it with a navy, pale blue or ivory sweater or top?
  15. What are RO scarves?