Do you ever block bidders who ask these questions?

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  1. I've got my Fendi B Bag on eBay right now. A potential bidder has asked me if it's authentic, how do I know, almost badgering me. I was very cordial and told them the bag was authenticated on the Purse Forum and I'm sure it's real.

    Then I looked at this person's feedback and saw they have 5 negs, plus they are selling items that I believe could very well be counterfeit. So I blocked this person from bidding on any of my auctions.

    Paranoid, or would you do the same thing?
  2. I have never had to block anyone but I wouldn't hesitate to do so if they were harassing me. Sounds like she was fishing for some info to help sell her fakes as real. I definitely wouldn't allow her to bid on my auctions.
  3. Girl, I would have done the same thing!
  4. Yes absolutely I would block this person, you do not need them spoiling your auction by bidding & not paying. I had a stupid bogus buyer bid against a real buyer on my Pomme heart coin purse, she won the item & hasn't contacted. The underbidder really wants this item urgently & I cannot sell to her until 7 days have passed & I give her a chance to respond to NPB dispute! You don't need this, you did right to block!
  5. You did the right thing. You've probably saved yourself a big headache by blocking them.
  6. 5 negatives?
    Yes, I'd block them :yes:
  7. I would definitely block that bidder! Who needs the hassle of dealing with a person like that. We all have things that we complain about with regard to eBay. But that is one positive: we get to chose with whom we do business. :yes:
  8. Excellent point. Now I definitely don't feel bad about blocking this person.
  9. Yes,I have blocked bidders based on ASQs.
  10. YES, block them! 5 Negatives!! eBay is stressful enough and you don't want a person that badgers winning your auction and then either disappearing or accusing you of selling them a fake!
  11. Absolutely block them!

    I also don't feel comfortable with people who question aggressivly about authenticity. I know EBay can be dangerous, but I once had a paranoid bidder who purchased my Balenciaga shoulder. It was brand new with Luisa Via Roma's tag still attached. She never believed it was real, and I ended up refunding. I relisted and it went to a PFer. But it made me think that there are people who are never going to be satisfied and I'd rather not sell to them.
  12. So true Rondafaye! I'm not sure as sellers what we can do about this situation, there seems to be an awful lot of people claiming they've bought a fake bag and of course we do know there are plenty of fakes on ebay, but what about the legit sellers? Do we always get stuck refunding and relisting?
    To what extent should a seller stretch? Blocking of course is certainly a step in the right direction.
  13. :yes: I prefer not to sell to this type of ppl! Just create hassle & trouble even waste time-a woman with 0 feedback kept asking me to ask LV to re-print my recipt for my LV Cherry Blossom Retro :push: I'm not mad or lost my mind! It's released on 2003 and LV will :yucky: me!

    Otherwise, it's your right to block her or someone you suspicius will create you trouble in future-feel free to protect yourself.
  14. I would block them. Sounds like bad news to me.

    I had to block a few bidders who won my auctions then never paid me. I never lost anything though thank goodness.
  15. i have blocked people who kept askign annoying questions. one woman emailed me for days asking about a shirt- is it in perfect condition, who owned it before me, how many times was it worn, etc. i told her i didn't think she would be happy with it because it was not brand new- in a very nice way. lol. i was about to block her because i knew it was going to be trouble and she bid. she ended up getting it and leaving me pos fb. go figure. you have to go with your gut. i think you did the right thing.