Do you ever ask - if not you should

  1. As everyone knows on here have fallen in love with my friends BalenciagaLove Crackle spy, so decided to try and find one. Very limited on places to look in the UK but started my search in London Selfridges, they did not have a crackle but they did have 2 Tulle "couture" spys from 05 season one grey/pink and one purple they was in the back store room but unforunately they were very badly damaged so would not sell them. Then tried Selfridges Manchester, still no crackle but another Tulle Grey/Pink so guess what I bought it. Its coming tomorrow Wed. do not know if going to keep it will wait to see it IRL.

    What I wondered is when you ladies are going shopping do you ever ask in the Fendi stores what spys they have in the back store room sometimes they keep these rare spys their as did not sell them, so if anyones going shopping please ask the SA what spys they have out the never know might find something really lovely.
  2. Congrats on the new spy!! Please post pics when you get it.

    As for your "crackle".... Good luck and happy hunting:smile:
  3. Saich2, can't wait to see pictures. =)
  4. YAY Saich!! Another fabulous Spy!!! Please post an updated pic of your gorgeous collection!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  5. Congrats Saich !!!
    I agree with Handbagaddict4ever : we need a family pic ;) !!!
  6. Sorry i know it's not Fendi related but totally agree with Saich2. I went to the Celine Outlet last week and happened to ask the SA if she had seen the Bittersweet IRL, with that she smiled and disappeared into the store room. A brand new white this season bittersweet had been sent to the outlet by mistake. It was on the computer system therefore could be sold at discount. Asking price was £395 absolute bargin. I walked away because as gorge as the bag was I really don't do white bags.

    So the moral of the story, always check out whats in the back room - you never know what deal you could end up with.
  7. Thanks everyone, will know tomorrow if I am going to keep this spy, untill you see them IRL you never know what they are going to be like. Did not want to do a new family album shot untill the green spy got here and I am back from my Holidays because then can post all the spys together

    Quite agree riffraff, need to know what they have in the back room, such lovely things are hidden in their.
  8. What I cannot understand is why they only have the atest collections out on the shop floor why they do not put all these rare spys out. Would think at some point someone is going to buy them
  9. Yes, I don't understand why they would "hide" them in the back rom either.

    I don't live close to a Fendi store right now, but when I move to Washington, DC after this summer, I plan to take lots of trips to NYC, and specifically the Fendi store, and you know I will be asking (I will actually be making money then, so I will feel better about bothering them!)
  10. Cant wait to see this post tomorrow and see what our Spy Queen has got!

    Way to go Saich - you rule Spy!
  11. I asked once... and boy oh boy did I regret it.

    The SA goes, "We have this beautiful spy out back, so practical and stylish and uncommon." So I'm all excited wanting to see this 'unique' and 'beautiful' spy. This was what the SA brought out...

    I tell you some of the Fendi designers ought to be shot. :yucky:
    Ugliest spy ever.JPG
  12. Saich - I can't wait to see pics of this baby! I bet it's going to be another STUNNER! You're on a roll right now, I'm sure you'll find a crackle! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  13. Well it will be here today, will post pictures anyway even if I do not keep it. Just a little concern about the colour I really wanted the purple one of these, not to sure about grey/pink, never own a pink bag before

  14. Haha, definitely "uncommon" :borg: - (always wanted to use that smiley)