Do You Enjoy Your Own Company ?

  1. Are you comfortable being alone ?
    Do you like to have people around you all the time ?

    Me, i love to have time to myself, sometimes to shop, hanging out in the house, bike riding, traveling. These are just a few examples of things I dont mind doing alone.

    Are you comfortable being alone ?
    Do you like to have people around you all the time ?
  2. I like being alone. I enjoy going to parties, hanging out with friends from time to time, but I rather spend time alone in my room reading a good book or watch TV :amuse:
  3. It all depends... sometimes I like to be silent but with someone next to me. I don't like working out alone (I have always been on a team sport).

    Actually, come to think of it, I am more of a people person but there are sometimes when I like to reflect for myself.
  4. I am more of an introvert. I need silence to think, meditate, and just be still. I enjoy my own company alot!
  5. I like my alone time. I was traveling last week with my DH and sometimes between airports, public transportation, and such I was happy to shut the door off in my suite and just have my own space and room.
  6. yep! i like to have time for myself, to read, work out, think, even watch girly shows. but i do enjoy spending time with others as well, just not all the time
  7. I like both. Sometimes I want to be left alone. Sometimes I just want to go out and flirt. :biggrin: Can't wait for all the parties in New York!
  8. I love ME time! Sometimes when I don't get enough time to myself I get a little grouchy. I guess it's because I'm "on" most of the time, and need the quiet by myself to unwind and mentally go through my day, or just veg out for a while.
  9. i love time to myself. i work in such a loud, social environment, that when i get home sometimes i just wanna lay face down on my bed in silence for half an hour or so.

    last year, i lived in a freshman dorm with 1000 other residents and a roommate that i shared an 11X14 room with. there was zero privacy, there were always people EVERYWHERE, so occassionally i'd be pushed to just go sit in my car in the parking lot or drive around town for some alone time. i had a friend that used to go sit in the stairwell.

    silence is golden!
  10. I love my alone time. I find it rather relaxing and a time for me to reflect on what's going on in my life.
  11. I think I really enjoy "me" time--I attribute it to one reason why I'm single, lol. I'm really good at "entertaining" myself. I'm also a people person, but I don't have the "need" to be constantly surrounded by others or entertained by others. I'm really happy/comfortable in my own skin with just me...
  12. I have no problem being alone. I actually enjoy being by myself once in awhile. I also enjoy being with my husband, family, and friends. Balance is key.
  13. I think I function best with balence, because I've had both too little and too much alone time. When I lived in college dorms I felt like there were just too many people around all the time and I ended up going home a lot. But when I lived all by myself in graduate school I went a little stir crazy. I was always on the phone or internet. I kept the TV on all the time and I was constantly going up to my office, or the coffee shop, or even the martini bar to just "hang out" and hope to run into people to talk to. I get very agitated if I have to spend a whole day all alone.

    I think my ideal situation is to live in a house with other people, but to have a lot of space in that house so that I can go to my own room or office and just read, watch tv, or do work...but also know that others are around for chatting:smile:
  14. I love my own company.. shopping, reading, eating!
    Bf is more of a party animal.. he always wants to go out.. the constant bustling of people around and abt me is kinda loud and tedious sometimes.
    Though at times I'm a bore and I getting tired of me too! :huh:
  15. Evening time is when I really love to have someone with me, mostly meaning my hubby. But my most favorite alone time is when Im driving somewhere listening to my fav music. Its my only me time. I have 3 kids!