Do you enjoy wearing underwear?

  1. :shrugs:

    Well, I don't. I dont' wear any when I sleep.

    and I'd like to try not wearing some when I'm "out".

    ....Its just...annoying...having fabric wrap around your privates all day...let it air out!!!!

    Is anyone like this also? Or am I just a freak? :graucho:
  2. I am not that way although I don't like wearing bra at all. i hate bra!!! but i have to wear it when I go out or else hubby will get mad at me.
  3. I hate wearing it to sleep but I need it when I wear clothes. I just feel weird without it.
  4. lol i think i rather not wear undies...than no bra...i would feel violated if soemone saw my nipples!! :lol:
  5. my doctor told me not to wear undies to sleep. She said it was a good idea to air that area out at night since they're always covered during the day! :P Sometimes I go braless but only in the summer!!! I loooooove lingerie though. I have tons!!! ;)
  6. I heard the same thing :yes:
  7. i neeeeever wear underwear around the house or to sleep, it's so uncomfortable and binding! i almost always do when i go out, unless it's something particularly clingy or see-through (like a white skirt or something). i've also been known to go out in a hoodie without a bra, but only on particularly gross-feeling days.
  8. if any random nonTPF members stumble on this thread, they'll probably be like :wtf::nuts::P
  9. I hate that I have to wear clothes period. I go naked at night. (isnt that a cable network?) Hell, I'm naked right now!!! too friggin hot. don't worry, drapes are drawn.
  10. I hate wearing bras but i love wearing undies. I feel weird w/o the panties on.
  11. I use to always wear them and felt uncomfortable with them on. Now, I can't stand wearing them. I prefer to be free of them. I only wear them when I have to. However, I can't live without a bra. I have some big knockers.
  12. you poor girl.

    bagnshoo - 36 b and proud!
  13. I used to sleep in a bra, but I stopped because as my boobs got larger, it just wasn't comfortable anymore. Halle Berry sleeps in a bra, I thought that I was one of the only crazy people that slept in one.
  14. I wish I had your problem. thats all I'msayin....
  15. How did your boobs get larger??? I would love it if my boobs get larger:love:
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