Do you end up buying more gifts/spending more than you planned?

  1. I swear, this year I was going to NOT buy many Christmas presents and I was pretty good, but when you buy a little here, and a little there over a span of a few months, before you know it, you have a HEAP of gifts! I wish I could say I was shopping for a lot of people, but it's just my two kids, my husband and my MIL!

    I started counting it up today, and my eleven year old is getting: an art kit (deluxe), art paper, 4 stretch canvases, a "growing Crystal" kit, two types of Rubik's cubes, a large book set, a DVD set, a watch and a bedding set (duvet cover and sheets). That's TEN presents!!!! And about $450!!! FOR ONE KID!!!

    My second son (toddler 2.5 years old) is getting: a set of wooden blocks, sorting tower, Kitchen play food, a wooden fire house with people and fire engine, a bedding set (toddler bed down duvet and duvet cover and toddler bed pillow), a bunch of Blues Clues Dvds/videos and foam thinking chair (plus a couple misc. toys). That's over 10 presents and about $375 for the toddler!!!

    Husband is getting: Dvd set, a family board game, Swiss Army knife, - three gifts and about $100.

    MIL is getting: two soap sets, a fancy wine bottle opener - three gifts and about $100.

    So, a total of close to $1000 on Christmas gifts - not counting stockings for everyone and that's another $100 or so, so $1100...

    The "only" defense I have with buying so much for the kids is that no one else buys for them. My MIL will give them something small, but no one else buys for them...

    My initial plan was to get them each kid about $150 in stuff and DH and MIL about $50 each for a total of $400 (plus $100 on stockings)...

    $500 total turned into $1100 - more than DOUBLE what I intended to spend!!! I have the money, but it's the HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? that is getting me...

    Anyone else?
  2. Oh yes I hear ya! My problem is that people keep giving me gifts I didn't expect so I have to go out and get them one. I just feel like saying to my friends "I love ya, and we don't need to exchange gifts as our friendship is the gift". But it keeps happening and it's costing me a fortune!!!
  3. I am horrible about this!! We draw names in my family 'cause there's so many of us and even though the $$ limit is supposed to be about $30 I spend at least $80 a person. This year was no exception, in fact I probably averaged about $150.00 per gift, with some folks getting quite a bit more spent on them! What can I say, I'm a generous soul, LOL! The topper is that in exchage for my generosity I will recieve a couple of CDs and a box of stationery, ha ha! Oh well, it's the thought that counts. Plus, I just like to give quality gifts.
  4. I am always adding to what I'm giving to my mom and sisters because they are easy to shop for. Today I gave one of my friends another present even though I already gave her her presents last week. Hard to stop, but it's either I buy for myself or I buy for other people. Given my lifestyle and stage of life (everything up in the air), it is better to buy for other people. I need less clutter in my life!
  5. Always! I want to buy everything for everyone; stupid, I know. I don't have much willpower when it comes to buying for others.
  6. Yes. All the time.... oh well....
  7. Yes, especially when I buy a little here and there...
  8. This is a huge problem for me every single year. I always budget a certain amount for each person's gift, and I always end up going over (way over).
  9. Absolutely. Every single year!
  10. I do it every year too and I hate it. This year I said I was gonna get presents for the kids only. My daughter, 3 nieces and 1 nephew and 3 cousins, I started with little things, and when I added all up it came to 1,500 dlls, I was so mad, haja. and this is not counting the new laptop and laptop bag we got for my mom. I feel like I could've gotten the bag I want so bad.
  11. Of course. Especially because I tend to buy people a specific gift and then I will be out shopping and see something that is just perfect for that specific person. So then I have to get that for them. And everything just keeps going until I end up spending WAY more than I ever intended. Oh well.
  12. I have always done this in the past, but not this year. I got a good head start and found a lot of things on sale. DH is proud.
  13. This is the story of my life!!! One year I will learn to stick to the budget( I hope)....
  14. I did! I had a strict budget because we're closing escrow today. There's no way to ever stay in budget. I had a list of what I wanted to get everyone and that helped with cost a lot.
  15. I think my problem this year was that I didn't KNOW What to get my kids and so the "little by little" thing creeped up.

    Maybe it's a good thing then that one of the toys was missing pieces and needs to be returned (a higher priced item too). I can just get him something similar for his Bday when he's not bombarded with other toys at the same time.