Do you eat the food thingies in your mixed drinks?

  1. I don't. They usually end up tasting bad to me.
  2. I eat the celery and onions in a bloody mary. that's it though.
  3. I eat the pineapple and cherries on my piña colada. Thats all I drink and eat from drinks
  4. I eat the cherries from my apple martinis..their yummy.
  5. The fruit stuff I do :smile: Pineapple, cherries...yum!
  6. I usually do unless I don't feel like worrying about something stuck in my teeth.
  7. I love olives in a dirty martini.
  8. I LOVE to eat olives who have had a brief dip in my gin martini.

    But I would never eat the cherry from a Manhattan or other drink.

    Those cherries are scary. Lots of creepy chemicals.
  9. The drinks I usually order come with cherries so I eat those.
  10. Yes, I always do
  11. only if its fruit.
  12. I eat the cherries in drinks with cherries. When I used to drink martinis I ate the olive, but I stopped drinking them.
  13. Of course I do. In fact there were many a nights in the 80s I actually made bar fruit dinner.
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  14. LOL :roflmfao:

    I eat everything. I :heart: "bar fruit"
  15. yes--especially olives from dirty vodka martinis