do you eat in restaurants by yourself?

  1. i eat by myself alot.. my friends prefer to eat at home.. i work really late n dont have time to cook except weekends.. my bf lives in washington while i am here in cali... i dont really mind eating a restaurant by myself.. in fact, i just got back from eating at Sizzler....
  2. ooooh no i LOVE being by myself sometimes. it's nice to hear yourself think. after all, i do like myself better than pretty much anyone else! :yes:
  3. omg how rude is that? it's called portion control :rolleyes:...not everyone cleans their plate!
  4. I would but I have never come across that yet just cause I don't drive so I tend not to go out unless I'm with BF. Something to try someday soon.
  5. I love eating out by myself. Sometimes I have a magazine, sometimes I just enjoy the food. I like eating with company, but if I go by myself, I can choose where I want to go, what to eat, how long to stay, etc.

    I heard that at one of the top restaurants in the US, the chef sends extra dishes on the house to solo diners because he knows those people are there to experience the food.
  6. I don't. I guess when I have to it is at a more casual dining establishment, nothing where I have to deal with waitors. It just makes me feel lonely, so if I have to eat by myself I usually just take it home or back to a hotel and watch tv. Maybe I'll get used to it eventually.
  7. I can never eat at a restaurant alone, or go to the movies alone. The only thing that I like to do alone is go shopping!:lol:
  8. I am not crazy about eatting alone, but, certainly when I am traveling for business (so very often) I eat alone if I am not with associates. In Paris, having said that, I do love to have a coffee in a café or on the sidewalk if it is on a quiet street. That, I LOVE to do alone. It helps me gather my thoughts.
  9. I know what you mean. I was in Florence on business last fall, on business, and I was staying in a beautiful hotel. They had a very nice restaurant, so I made reservations for "1" for the evening. It was very, very romantic and I just had so wished I had someone to share it with. So, yes, I think it is a lot easier if it is casual.
  10. All the time!! After we moved I forgot how to cook LOL!!! So we eat out really often heheheee like almost every night LOL!! But I happily go to a sit down by myself and read the paper with my meal.
  11. Yes, I used to do this some when I was single and living by myself. I would just sit at the bar (if I felt like having company) or take a book/magazine.

    I still like to shop on my own and love it. I don't feel like I am being pressured to hurry up or having to wait on someone else. I can shop at my own pace.
  12. I eat by myself usually during lunch hrs when I'm at work. It's pretty liberating and you get to observe other people and be alone for a change (away from nosy coworkers and crazy bosses). I even tried watching a movie in the theatre alone once, but it was for a class extra credit. :lol:
  13. I love to shop alone too!! You don't have to go along with everyone else's preferences. :yes:
  14. Couldn't have said it better. Two kids on me all the time!! Never a second with the word "Mommie" popping out of one of their mouths. I can do with some alone time :biggrin:
  15. As an assignment in one of my college writing classes, we had to complete a list of places to go alone and write of the experience. We had to eat alone, go to a movie alone, etc...

    I like my own company better than most other people so it was really no big deal.

    One of my rituals is going to IHOP (reallly classy, right!) around 5am on Saturday mornings for blueberry pancakes - ALONE.